At the moment, if I were to pick a laptop from Lenovo, I’d go with one from the ThinkPad T Series. Personally, I think it provides the best balance of features in what I’m looking for in a laptop. This is considering factors such as price, design, and mobility.

I’ve always liked the ThinkPad brand. You see ThinkPad machines everywhere in the corporate world because they’re renown for their durability and reliability. They’re no-nonsense notebooks that can be depended on. That would be the reason I’d go ThinkPad over IdeaPad.

There are many product lines in the ThinkPad family. My preference for the T Series is because I feel like it offers a little of everything. When I’m thinking laptop, I want it to be portable. That would eliminate the W Series. I also want it to be above average in performance. That would throw out the L Series. Price should be reasonable, and the X Series can get quite expensive. That leaves the Edge and the T Series.

ThinkPad Edge laptops are a little too hip for me. They break away from the conventional ThinkPad appearance. Some consumers might like the different accents and they’re not bad looking. However, I like simple and clean designs, so I would opt for the T Series because of that.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T Series comes in 3 different models right now: T430, T430s and T530. The first two have 14″ displays and the third has a 15.6″ display. The T430s features a more slim chassis for those that want an even more mobile computing solution.

When you browse Lenovo’s website under the ThinkPad T Series section, you’ll see several systems associated with each model. These models are simply different configurations for the system and are differentiated by the numbers that come after the colons. Customization is available but usually this entails minor options such as software and accessories, so pick the base system configuration you want first before deciding which system you want to purchase.

Here’s a good highlight tour of features found on ThinkPad T Series laptops. It briefly but effectively summarizes the main points users will benefit from. Check it out and you’ll see why I like Lenovo’s ThinkPad T Series so much.

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