Sony has introduced an interesting computing device which can be best described as a hybrid between an all-in-one desktop computer and a tablet. The name of the device is called the Sony VAIO Tab, and it has been labeled by Sony as a mobile desktop computer.

Built like a desktop computer, the VAIO Tab stands up and is fully functional like any other desktop computer that you seen. What distinguishes the VAIO Tab are two things: a built-in battery and a touch display.

These two features allow the VAIO Tab to be unplugged and taken to different places. The unit then operates with the use of its battery. Touch display computing allows you to interact and to make computer inputs without the use of a traditional mouse and keyboard.

While no one will seriously consider the VAIO Tab as a truly mobile computing device because if its size, the device is still innovative in its design and is fun to use. The following article below comically pokes fun at this. Read it for a good laugh.

Strictly speaking, this is a 20in touchscreen all-in-one, not a tablet. However, Sony cleverly included a battery and fold-in stand, allowing the VAIO Tap 20 to be moved away from the mains (for a short while, at least) and laid flat, so the kids can fingerpaint in an art app, for example.

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