The VAIO Tab 20 has certainly been turning heads as of late. It’s unique design and form factor are intriguing concepts that have not been seen before. Take this mobile desktop around the house. Sit it on your laptop or place it flat on a table to use. The large touch display make it easy and fun to use.

While the VAIO Tab 20 is a computer desktop, it does have some features that are different than what is commonly found on computers.  You might want to take note of some of these differences before you consider purchasing a VAIO Tab 20.

Two common desktop components that you will not find with the Vaio Tap 20 is an optical (CD, DVD) drive or an HDMI port. It is likely that Sony left these out to keep the computer slim enough to qualify as a tablet; it is 1.5″ at its thickest point. The Vaio does include two USB 3.0 ports that can be used to plug in a variety of external devices, including a USB optical drive, but the exclusion of an HDMI port takes out the option to easily use the Vaio with a projector, monitor, or tv.

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