There definitely has been an interesting slew of Windows 8 hybrids that have been released this past month. We’ve seen devices that twist, fold, flip and rotate between the tablet and the laptop form factors. While not many of these machines have made stood out and amazed us, the VAIO Duo 11 has. Why is that you might ask? Because it provides the best balance of design and computing performance that we’ve seen among the Windows 8 convertibles. Sony’s VAIO Duo 11 is easy to use and has great specifications.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive product review on the Sony VAIO Duo 11, check out MobileTechReview.  Lisa Gade has written up a detailed overview of the device.

The Vaio Duo 11 is fast, portable, great looking and we love the 1080p display, not to mention the digital pen with pressure sensitivity. It’s quickly become one of my favorite Windows 8 machines. If you’re looking for a decked-out Ultrabook-convertible, the Sony has everything for a relatively reasonable price: a bright IPS 1080p display, fast Intel Core i5 and i7 ULV CPUs, fast SSD drives and plenty of ports including full size HDMI, VGA and wired Ethernet. It’s one of the few Windows 8 launch tablets to come with a digital pen (the bundled $60 Art Rage Pro is a nice bonus) and you’re not limited to 4 gigs of RAM. It’s also RAM and SSD upgradeable if you’re patient with all those screws that hold it together.

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