Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 13 is one of the more stunning Windows 8 Convertible Tablet PCs to hit the market. You’ve probably seen a ton of commercials and advertisements for it by now, and the laptop seems to be quite useful.

Visually, the Yoga 13 looks quite clean in its design. Not much in terms of stickers or accents. A very simple looking machine, which is refreshing to have, as some PC vendors can quite overly showy in their computers’ appearances.

With four different modes that the Yoga 13 can convert to, it’ll be interesting to see which position users will find most comfortable. The flexibility is there to change the laptop to accommodate the usage. Flip the Yoga 13 to tent, stand, tablet or laptop mode.

Inside the Yoga 13, users will basically find a configuration similar to those found in mainstay ultrabooks. A low-voltage Core Series processor powers the system and a solid state drive provides fast boots and data access.

If you’re looking for a video review of this product, check out the two below. For a quick overview, watch the first video. CNET always provides good quick breakdowns of products. For a more thorough video review, I’ve found that Lisa Gade of MobileTechReview provides the best.

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