Toshiba’s Satellite U920T is one of many convertible ultrabooks out on the market right now. This device has been designed to be used as both a tablet and an ultrabook. It utilizes Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform and has touch display capability.

Now what’s interesting and unique about the Satellite U920T is its form factor. We’ve seen quite the implementation of the hybrid concept played out differently among the major PC vendors, but this one from Toshiba definitely stands out in its own way.

Check out the following article for an in depth look at the design of the Satellite U920T as well as its component specifications and performance capabilities.

The Toshiba Satellite U920T is a very likable convertible Ultrabook, although it took me a while to realise why. The reason, I’d say, is that it doesn’t come across as some toy-like novelty item – it errs more on the sensible side. Even so, I still want to tilt the screen forward at times and its fold flat and slide convertible mechanism must be obeyed, which can be a little bothersome for speedy getaways. Still, this Ultrabook feels reassuringly solid and has a battery life that should get you through the day. Some will bemoan the lack of a full HD screen though, which leads to the biggest worry: the price. It’s something that dogs all convertible Ultrabooks and the state of the premium portable PC market.

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