Engadget has a short article on the Portege Z10t. Apparently, it belongs to Intel’s initiative and sub-brand called Ultrabook detachable. The tablet detaches from a base unit, which includes a keyboard. When the two components are put together, a laptop/ultrabook is formed.

This device looks similar to what Lenovo will be offering in the ThinkPad Helix. The Helix will be available sometime this April. The Portege Z10t is scheduled for a later Quarter 2 release.

Check out the two and see what differences you can spot.

The reps from both Intel and Toshiba were rather tight-lipped about this elusive device (the latter even said his folks have yet to come up with a name), so all we know is that this is powered by an Ivy Bridge processor (with vPro embedded security options) and it’ll be available in Q2 this year. As always, stay tuned here for the eventual announcement.

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