If you’re looking for new Haswell equipped laptops, then turn your eyes to a couple of new product series. In the Toshiba Satellite family, check out the P-Series and the P50 and P70 models. In the Toshiba Qosmio family, take a peek at the X70-Series. While these systems are newly featured products, they’ve been marked down for a limited-time as a promotion.

Portege and Tecra laptops/ultrabooks have also been discounted, a bit more than last week.

Top Discounted Items This Week:

  • $400.00 off Qosmio X70-ABT2G22 Laptop
  • $120.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N05 Ultrabook
  • $200.00 off Tecra R950-SMBGX4 Laptop
  • $350.00 off Satellite P870-ST4GX1 Laptop

New Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: Qosmio Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Portege Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Tecra Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Satellite Laptops 


Toshiba Laptop Discounts 6/18 to 6/24
$150.00 off Qosmio X875-Q7390 3D Laptop
$300.00 off Qosmio X70-AST2GX1 Laptop
$70.00 off Qosmio X75-A7298 Laptop
$70.00 off Qosmio X75-A7295 Laptop
$400.00 off Qosmio X70-ABT2G22 Laptop
$200.00 off Qosmio X875-Q7190 Laptop
$50.00 off Portege R930-S9331 Laptop
$50.00 off Portege Z930-S9312 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege R930-S9321 Laptop
$100.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N07 Ultrabook
$120.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N05 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege Z930-S9311 Ultrabook
$100.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N03 Ultrabook
$200.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N04 Ultrabook
$100.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N02 Ultrabook
$100.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N06 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Tecra R940-S9441 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R950-S9541 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R940-S9431 Laptop
$40.00 off Tecra R940-S9421 Laptop
$30.00 off Tecra R950-S9521 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R950-SMBGX4 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R940-SMBGX4 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R940-BT9400 Laptop
$100.00 off Tecra R950-SMBGX3 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R950-SMBNX4 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R940-SMBNX4 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R940-SMBGX3 Laptop
$250.00 off Tecra R940-SMBGX2 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R950-SMBNX3 Laptop
$200.00 off Tecra R940-SMBNX3 Laptop
$100.00 off Satellite U845W-S4180 Ultrabook
$350.00 off Satellite P870-ST4GX1 Laptop
$300.00 off Satellite P70-AST2GX1 Laptop
$300.00 off Satellite P50t-AST2GX1 Laptop
$250.00 off Satellite P70-AST2NX1 Laptop
$350.00 off Satellite P870-ST4NX1 Laptop
$300.00 off Satellite P50-AST2GX1 Laptop
$350.00 off Satellite P850-ST4GX1 Laptop
$250.00 off Satellite P50-AST2NX2 Laptop
$280.00 off Satellite P70-ABT2G22 Laptop