A batch of new Toshiba laptop computers have been released for quarter 1. Many of them feature updated and improved technical specifications. Find them in all product families, which include Qosmio, Portege, Tecra and Satellite systems. The majority of these Toshiba notebooks have been discounted. Weekly Toshiba special offers can save you several hundred dollars. See them all listed here. Click through a product category coupon image to be taken to its respective Toshiba webpage to see details of the various products and of the promotions.

Highlighted Toshiba Discounts:

  • $400.00 off Qosmio X870-ST3NX1 Laptop
  • $150.00 off Portege Z935-ST3NX1 Ultrabook
  • $140.00 off Tecra R940-SMBGX2 Laptop
  • $300.00 off Satellite P870-ST4GX1 Laptop

New Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: Qosmio Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Portege Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Tecra Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Satellite Laptops 


All Discounted Models This Week:
$300.00 off Qosmio X870-ST4GX1 Laptop
$400.00 off Qosmio X870-ST3NX1 Laptop
$70.00 off Qosmio X875-Q7390 3D Laptop
$200.00 off Qosmio X875-Q7380 Laptop
$300.00 off Qosmio X870-BT2G23 Laptop
$50.00 off Portege R930-S9331 Laptop
$50.00 off Portege Z930-S9312 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N05 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege R930-S9321 Laptop
$150.00 off Portege Z935-ST3NX1 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege Z930-S9301 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N04 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N03 Ultrabook
$200.00 off Portege Z935-ST3N03 Ultrabook
$20.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N02 Ultrabook
$150.00 off Portege Z935-ST3N02 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege Z935-ST4N01 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Portege R935-ST4N01 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R950-S9541 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R940-S9430 Laptop
$40.00 off Tecra R940-S9421 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R940-BT9400 Laptop
$100.00 off Tecra R950-SMBGX2 Laptop
$50.00 off Tecra R950-BT9500 Laptop
$140.00 off Tecra R940-SMBGX2 Laptop
$100.00 off Tecra R950-SMBNX1 Laptop
$120.00 off Tecra R940-SMBNX1 Laptop
$20.00 off Satellite U845W-S4180 Ultrabook
$300.00 off Satellite P870-ST4GX1 Laptop
$200.00 off Satellite U845W-ST3N02 Ultrabook
$100.00 off Satellite P870-ST4NX1 Laptop
$70.00 off Satellite U925T-S2300 Ultrabook
$50.00 off Satellite P850-ST4NX2 Laptop
$500.00 off Satellite U845W-S414 Ultrabook
$300.00 off Satellite P850-ST4GX1 Laptop
$20.00 off Satellite U845W-S4170 Ultabook
$100.00 off Satellite P840T-ST3N01 Laptop
$50.00 off Satellite P870-BT3G22 Laptop
$50.00 off Satellite P850-ST4NX1 Laptop
$20.00 off Satellite U945-ST4N02 Ultrabook
$200.00 off Satellite P850-ST3N02 Laptop