Toshiba weekly special offers are here for dates 11/6 to 11/12. The selection of Satellite coupon savings are the focus of this promotion. You’ll see more discounted Satellite models than before. Save $100 or more on a handful of machines. Tecra laptops are also on sale and there’s a good number here. Discounts aren’t as good.

Some of This Week’s Top Discounts:

  • $150.00 off Satellite P870-BT3N22 Laptop
  • $70.00 off Portege Z935-ST3N03 Ultrabook
  • $50.00 off Tecra R950-S9540 Laptop
  • $70.00 off Qosmio X875-Q7380 Laptop

New Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: Qosmio Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Portege Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Tecra Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Satellite Laptops 


Models with Discounts This Week:
$70.00 off Qosmio X875-Q7380, $70.00 off Satellite U845W-ST3N02, $200.00 off Satellite U845W-S414, $120.00 off Satellite P870-ST3GX1, $150.00 off Satellite P850-ST3GX1, $150.00 off Satellite P870-BT3G22, $70.00 off Satellite U845W-ST3N01, $150.00 off Satellite P850-BT3G22, $120.00 off Satellite P850-ST3N02, $150.00 off Satellite U845W-S410, $150.00 off Satellite P870-BT3N22, $120.00 off Satellite P870-ST3NX1, $50.00 off Portege Z930-S9302, $50.00 off Portege Z930-S9301, $70.00 off Portege Z935-ST3N03, $70.00 off Portege Z935-ST3N02, $70.00 off Portege Z935-ST3N01, $60.00 off Tecra R940-S9440, $50.00 off Tecra R950-S9540, $50.00 off Tecra R940-S9430,
$50.00 off Tecra R950-S9530, $40.00 off Tecra R940-S9420, $30.00 off Tecra R950-S9530, $50.00 off Tecra R940-BT9400, $50.00 off Tecra R950-BT9500, $140.00 off Tecra R940-SMBGX1