Toshiba gave consumers a preview of what’s coming down the pipeline this upcoming quarter. A renewed focus on touch functionality and enhanced hardware specs are expected on many of Toshiba laptop machines.

CES 2013 gave us a glimpse of this in the Satellite U845t Ultrabook and the Qosmio X875 Gaming Laptop. The Satellite U845t has been outfitted with a touch display that supports 10 point capacitive touch capability. Shoppers will also find the latest Intel Core Series processors on these units.

The Qosmio X875 sees a big bump in storage space, now available with up to a 2GB hybrid drive. The system comes a traditional spinning hard disk drive with a solid disk drive. This balance provides ample storage space as well as fast boot up performance.

Toshiba’s Satellite U845 ultrabook is getting a hands-on update with the touch-enabled Satellite U845t, while the Qosmio X875 laptop is getting overhauled with the latest hardware, including a giant 1TB hybrid drive.

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