There’s a completely new Toshiba product line out right now, a collection of ultrabooks that have been designed like we’ve never seen before. Rather than the typical mediocre thin and light computing solutions we’ve seen these past several years, with KIRA branded ultrabooks we’ll see premium designs and specifications.

To read more on what new innovative designs and highlights Toshiba KIRA ultrabooks have, follow the link to this article. A snippet has been provided for you as preview.

Kirabook is actually the company’s first attempt in the ultrabook market. Nonetheless, it is the flagship product for Toshiba’s high-end line. According to the company, the Kirabook caters to markets with a more discerning character. From how it looks, the Kira line does not seem to disappoint.

Full Article: Kira Ultrabook, Toshiba’s High-End Bet Vs Sony Vaio Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad

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