The ThinkPad Twist is one of many interesting Windows 8 hybrid convertibles to have recently come out. It uses the “old school” way of turning a conventional laptop into a tablet, by a twisting motion, similar to what you see in the Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet.

If you’re looking for a business ultrabook computing solution look to the ThinkPad Twist. If you need something with a bit more power, the ThinkPad X230 Tablet might be more suitable. The IdeaPad Yoga 13 or Yoga 11 is good if you’re more of a mainstream computer user.

When it comes to the actual twisting bit, the dual-hinge works one way: you rotate the screen clockwise to flip it around into tablet mode (it simply won’t budge if you try and push it the other way). The hinge itself feels sturdy, though we noticed that once we were in tablet mode the accelerometer was a bit slow to detect changes in orientation. Thankfully, it figured it out most of the time, though we consistently had trouble moving from portrait mode to using the machine as a clamshell laptop; we often had to fiddle with it in order to get the desktop upright again.

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