If you’re familiar with Lenovo, then you should know that Tablet PCs are nothing new. The form factor has been done before, as seen in select ThinkPad X220 and X230 models. However, because these devices did not run on a platform as optimized for touch functionality as Windows 8, they were not very practical for the masses.

That has changed recently with this new generation of Windows computing, and Lenovo has introduced a new tablet pc, or as some would call hybrid convertible, in the ThinkPad Twist. This system converts from an ultrabook into a tablet much in the same way as the ThinkPad X220 and X230 tablet pc systems, but is more practical because of its ultrabook design and touch display features.

The twisting mechanism itself is nice and solid, letting you turn the screen in one direction, handily indicated by an arrow under the screen. The hinge never felt weak or as if it was going to break if you pushed too hard in the wrong direction.

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