Lenovo’s ThinkPad Helix is one of the more interesting products that have been showcased by the company. Continuing off the hybrid convertible, which consumers see in the Yoga 13, Yoga 11 and the ThinkPad Twist, the ThinkPad Helix will also see tablet and ultrabook functionality combined into one device. However, the implementation of this capability is once again different and unique. The ThinkPad Twist will feature what Lenovo calls a “rip and flip” design. Simply yank off the display and reattach it in the opposite docking orientation to use the device in a new mode. It’s actually quite cool and probably the conversion between tablet and ultrabook modes a lot more easier to grasp when you see a video of it.¬† Check out the article and embedded video from Engadget.

Like the famously flippable ThinkPad Yoga, the Helix can be used in several different positions. Tablet and Ultrabook modes are a given, but users can also flip the tablet 180 degrees and snap it back in to the base, essentially providing a stand for using the device as a slate. In addition to supporting touch input, the Helix offers a bundled pen (complete with a slot for storing) for tapping away at the 1080p Gorilla Glass display.

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