Today Lenovo is celebrating its 20th anniversary of the ThinkPad brand.  As many of you know, the name well known among business professional and enterprise users, as these laptops have a reputation for being reliable and durable.

Despite having relatively the same appearance through the years, ThinkPad laptops have continuously evolved with changes in technologies.  These machines are almost always on the top of them game when stacked up against comparables. If you want to learn a little something and follow the ThinkPad history these past several years, watch the video below or check out the included infographic.



The Verge has a very good and informative article on the history of the ThinkPad product line. A snippet provided shows what interesting tidbits can be found reading it.

Before Apple urged the world to “Think Different,” IBM just wanted us to “Think.” The word was so closely associated with the company that it had been printed on the company-issued notepads employees carried around. By 1992 IBM didn’t make the pads anymore, but senior planner Denny Wainwright still carried one. While discussing names for the company’s new pen-based tablet, he looked down at his notebook, then up at his colleagues, and said “let’s call it the Think pad.”

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