Lenovo has announced that the ThinkPad 2 Tablet will debut on October 26, 2012 at $799. This tablet is a much anticipated product for some, as it will be one of a few handful of tablets to be released with Windows 8, which is also set to be available for purchase on the same date. Microsoft has given its flagship product what appears to be a complete makeover, gearing its operating system on multi-gesture functionality. It will be interesting how receptive consumers will to this new design.

A couple of points to note. The ThinkPad 2 Tablet will be running on an Intel processor. It will also come with the full Microsoft Office 2013 package of software applications. These two highlights should make the tablet very appealing to those in the business professional segment.

What you see here is the Lenovo ThinkPad 2. It’s a Windows 8 tablet that will ship with a full QWERTY keyboard, giving you a laptop-like experience when you need it. And it’s going to sell for $799. This was formally revealed at PepCom in New York City where the Lenovo rep said that the ThinkPad 2 would indeed sell for that price when it launched on October 26.

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