A new laptop will be coming out soon in the IdeaPad Yoga 13. Scheduled to ship out on the same day as the debut of Windows 8, this laptop will attempt to fully maximize the capabilities found in the next generation of Microsoft’s operating system, which implements touch computing for a variety of functions.

The Yoga is an interesting item. You’d think that Lenovo would pick a name that matches more appropriately with its currently lineup, but after thinking about it for a bit, the name is quite fitting. The flexibility with which a user can use the Yoga can certainly be likened to the actual exercise.

Two versions of the IdeaPad Yoga are due to be made available for purchase. The first one, the Yoga 13, will come out end of October, with a second one, the Yoga 11, due for a later release in December.

So why the name “Yoga”? I thought you’d never ask. Lenovo built the tablet with a keyboard permanently connected to the base of its body. While this allows it to function as a laptop does, you can also fold the keyboard under the tablet screen, either laying it flush against the back, or propping the device up in a kind of downward dog position. Hence the yoga reference.

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