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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Product Video Tour

Here’s a product overview tour of the upcoming Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s convertible ultrabook. For those who aren’t familiar with the Yoga product series, the machines found in this family of systems are able to be transformed into four different computing modes: tent, laptop, stand, tablet. Use the computer as you see fit, in whatever situation you find yourself in.

The IdeaPad Yoga 11s specifically is an update to the existing Yoga 11. The biggest improvement would probably have to be the operating system. Before the Yoga 11 was run on Windows RT. The Yoga 11s will run on Windows 8.

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Deals on Windows RT Yoga 11

Depending on your computing needs, Windows RT may or may not be the right operating system for you. It seems like Windows RT has thus far failed to live up to its hype, and because of this, Windows RT systems, such as Lenovo’s Yoga 11, are being discounted to move inventory.

There are some great deals to be had. If you’re a casual user, the Yoga 11 might be a suitable device for you. You’re options right now are you can get a Windows RT IdeaPad Yoga 11, go with a Windows 8 powered IdeaPad Yoga 13, or wait until the summer for the Windows 8 Yoga 11s.

Windows RT has been a huge disappointment for hardware makers. Companies like Dell and Lenovo have recently slashed the prices of their RT-powered devices because they can’t seem to clear their inventory. For instance, Lenovo offered a seven-day deal last month where its IdeaPad Yoga 11 was available for just $599 — down from the original $799 price. Amazon sells the model for just $499.

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Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Yoga Multimode Ultrabooks

Difference Between IdeaPad Yoga 13 & Yoga 11

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga Convertible Ultrabooks provide a new way of computing. They’ve been popular and have been favorably received by both critics and users. There are two systems available for purchase: Yoga 11 and Yoga 13. Aside from the obvious difference in size, one runs on Windows RT (Yoga 11) and the other on Windows 8 (Yoga 13). Learn about how computing on Windows RT is different from computing on Windows 8 in the article below:

Running Windows RT, the Yoga 11 offers the same Live Tile interface as Windows 8 along with a desktop. However, the desktop computing experience is very limited. On the plus side, Microsoft bundles Microsoft Office Home & Student is on board, which means you can access Word, Excel and PowerPoint. What you don’t get is Outlook, which many workers count on to manage their email and calendar. Instead, you’ll have to rely on the more watered-down and separate Mail and Calendar apps from Microsoft.

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Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Yoga Multimode Ultrabooks

Better to Go With a Yoga 13 Than a Yoga 11

The IdeaPad Yoga 11 does seem like an interesting device to get, but take a step back and compare it with its larger brother the IdeaPad Yoga 13. You might just find that the IdeaPad Yoga 13 is much more appealing and you might find yourself gravitating to that machine or waiting for the Yoga 11s, which is due out later this summer.

The two main caveats found in the IdeaPad Yoga 11 are that it runs on Windows RT, a pseudo stripped down version of Windows 8, and that it comes with a 5 point touch display, while most including the Yoga 13 come with a 10 point touch display.

If these points are a concern to you, your best bet is to pay that extra hundred dollars or so, and go with the Yoga 13. It’s a much better machine. Lenovo has also announced that the Yoga 11s, a version of the Yoga 11 except with the full Windows 8 OS, will be coming out in summer 2013.

Like a slew of notebooks launched in tandem with Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS, the Yoga 11 does come with 5 point touch screen display which offers a 1366×768 resolution. However, instead of offering the Windows 8 suite, the Yoga 11 is powered by Windows RT which is pretty much like Windows 8 with the exception that it can only run programs which are developed using Windows Runtime; meaning mostly those apps you find on the Windows Store.

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Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Yoga Multimode Ultrabooks