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Lenovo eCoupons Just In. Huge Savings Up to 20%

Get your lenovo laptop today, these deals won’t last long!

$180 off Lenovo IdeaPad U550 laptop – Final Price $519
$180 off Lenovo IdeaPad U450P laptop – Final Price $489
$100 off Lenovo IdeaPad S12 netbook – Final Price $329
$120 off Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 laptop – Final Price $479
$150 off Lenovo essential G450 laptop – Final Price $419

IdeaPad Laptop Sale Until 03/09

This week, Lenovo has listed several popular IdeaPad notebook models for sale.  Most of the Lenovo laptops are marked down at least $100, some are discounted $150.  This IdeaPad Sale is valid until 3/09/10.

IdeaPad laptops are mainstream computer systems.

  • $150 Off IdeaPad U450p – 338932U
  • $150 Off IdeaPad U450p – 338935U
  • $100 Off Essential G450 – 2949DXU
  • $100 Off IdeaPad Y450 – 41896NU
  • $150 Off IdeaPad U550 – 37495EU
  • $150 Off IdeaPad Y550p – 324165U

Lenovo IdeaPad Deals
Lenovo G Series Deals

Four Lenovo Laptops on Sale w/ eCoupon

There are four Lenovo laptops that have been discounted between the dates 2/22 thru 2/25. This Lenovo laptop sale requires shoppers to enter a promotional eCoupon code upon checking out their online purchase order. Save between $100 to $300 on these Lenovo notebooks.

  • $200 off IdeaPad Y450: 418967U
  • $200 off Lenovo Essential G550: 2958HHU
  • $180 off IdeaPad S12: 29595GU Netbook
  • $300 off IdeaPad Y550P: 324166U

The Lenovo eCoupons for these four discounted notebooks, as well as for other current Lenovo promotional laptops, can be found on the following pages:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y Series Discounts

Lenovo G Series Discounts

Lenovo IdeaPad S Series Discounts

Lenovo Notebooks – Active Discounts