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Sony VAIO Z Series Alternatives

Some of you guys might have noticed that there’s no more Sony VAIO Z Series laptops being sold by Sony. Yes, this is correct. The product line has been removed from Sony’s website. These ultraportable laptops were high-end computing solutions that some might have said were a bit too pricey. Who knows if these machines sold well.

Fortunately for us consumers, there are still plenty of options. The VAIO S Series is the closest alternative to what you would get if you wanted a VAIO Z Series laptop. Find a high-end prebuilt configured model or customize one yourself. You’ll end up with with a system that’s almost as thin and great in computing performance.

There’s also the VAIO T Series. This product family belongs to the ultrabook line of machines, which means that these computers are thin and light, much like the VAIO Z Series ultraportables. So if thin and light is more your thing, go with a VAIO T Series ultrabook over a VAIO S Series ultraportable.

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Are VAIO Z Series Too Expensive?

Wired Magazine has an interesting article on the new 2012 VAIO Z Series laptops.  In it the author seems to give an unfavorable review on these laptops, commenting on physical design, keyboard, trackpad and the lack of an optical drive.  However, reading the comments at the end of the article, a good number of people seem to disagree. 

Read the article and decide for yourself.  Remember, this is Sony's flagship laptop product line, and should be seen more as a mobile performance laptop than an ultrabook.

This year’s refreshed Vaio Z still has the same striking design, and it’s still very impressive on specs. It’s also several hundred dollars cheaper, making it a much more sensible purchase. But the 2012 Vaio Z suffers from some weird design quirks, and even with a lowered price tag, it doesn’t do enough to truly outshine its competitors in today’s ultrabook-saturated laptop market….More at Even After Price Drop, Sony Vaio Z Is Still a Big-Ticket Notebook



PCMag Review on The VAIO SVZ13114GXX

Brian Westover at has reviewed a prebuilt Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop.  Specifically, he takes a look at model number SVZ13114GXX, which is a mid-tier 13.1″ premium ultrabook.  Brian gives the laptop a good rating and points out several good and bad points on the product.  He covers the design, features, performance and benchmark test results.  While most Sony VAIO Z Series Ultraportable Laptops are quite pricey, they are loaded on performance highlights and they feature a remarkable thin and light design.

The Sony VAIO Z13 (SVZ13114GXX) sets out to dominate the pricier end of the ultraportable category, and in some respects it does, with unbeaten processing power, featherweight carbon fiber construction, and great multimedia performance, along with the software tools to take advantage of it. If you want the best ultraportable available, this may well be it

The big takeaways are this.  Super light/thin and loaded on performance are the qualities that sell this ultraportable laptop.  The caveats are that it has poor battery life and is a bit pricey.

Sony Vaio F Series & Z Series Free Full HD

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