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Versatile Use of Sony VAIO Tab 20

Mobile Desktops are a new and strange product category. We haven’t really seen anything like them. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be well received. Mobile desktops definitely have their niche market. There are plenty of ways to use mobile desktops such as those systems belonging to Sony’s VAIO Tab Series. Move a VAIO Tab PC around the house.

And I say room to room because, of course, the giant tablet is not for the mobile worker. Measuring just over 50cm long, about 31cm wide and under 5cm thick, the 5kg Tap 20 is ‘portable’ in terms of a family computer, so you can bring it to the kitchen to read recipes when cooking, to the living room when watching Netflix, or to the kids’ bedroom when they want to get creative or play games.

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Sony & Lenovo Mobile Desktop Computing Solutions

An interesting computing niche is emerging and its called mobile desktop computing. This niche features large touch screen desktop computers that have been designed with All-in-One form factors. Essentially they look like oversized tablets. They’re primary purpose is to provide a mobile desktop computing solution and it accomplishes this but having built in batteries inside the units. The target demographic is families, where they can be used by both adults and children in whatever room they choose to place them in.

Sony has a mobile desktop computing solution out on the market right now and it’s called the VAIO Tab 20. As the name suggests, it features a 20-inch touch display. Soon there will be another option, offered by Lenovo. It’ll be called teh IdeaCentre Horizon and it’ll feature a 27-inch touch display.

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Sony VAIO Tab 20

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon

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The VAIO Tab: A 20-Inch Tablet?

Tablets are the trendy must have device at the moment. It seems like everyone has one or wants one. There are a lot of tablets on the market today, and we’re even beginning to see hybrid tablets, or convertible tablets that can switch into ultrabooks. But what about desktops? Will we see the tablet design implemented into what has been a traditionally large computing form factor?

This is where Sony has turned to create the VAIO Tap 20 Mobile Desktop. It’s got a 20-inch touchscreen and comes bundled with a keyboard and mouse, so it looks more like a small all-in-one PC than anything else. But it also has a retractable kickstand on the back, so it can be laid flat on a tabletop or even carried like an overgrown tablet. A built-in battery also makes it possible to use it for up to three hours without any external power source…

It can be laid flat on a tabletop or even carried like an overgrown tablet. A built-in battery also makes it possible to use it for up to three hours without any external power source.
While that may sound like Sony’s designers were a bit confused about what the final product should be, the Tap 20 is actually a pretty compelling choice for tech-savvy families wanting a “living room computer” that’s easy to move around, or those users looking for an entertainment device…

Sony bills the Tap 20 as a “mobile” desktop, but you’re not going to want to carry it outside of the house often, or ever. The 20-inch screen is too bulky to fit into a backpack, and the machine’s 11.46-pound weight certainly isn’t that portable. It could possibly be useful for short jaunts in the car — but at that point, you might as well just get a tablet. Carrying the Tap 20 from room to room, however, is easy enough. It could be great as a shared family computer, or something you can carry with you from the kitchen to the garage (as long as you plan a second trip to fetch the keyboard and mouse).

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Sony VAIO Tab 20: An Interesting Tablet Computer

Sony’s VAIO Tab 20 has been out on the market for several months now and for some, the system still holds a cloud of mystery around it. This is understandable, since the industry has never really seen anything like it. We’re all used to our desktop computers being confined to a table, reserving mobile computing for either the laptop or tablet. However, with mobile computing increasing in popularity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone would eventually come to implement mobility in desktop computing as well. As funny or intriguing as this whole concept may sound, there are certainly people who’ll be attracted to this device.

The all-in-one-tablet-hybrid-combo-device actually has a marketed purpose that could be golden for the right market. After completing some work with the Tap 20 tethered to a power point, you can simply unplug the hefty slate, pick it up and show your workmates or friends all the cool stuff you’ve been doing. Alternatively you could fold down the machine into tablet-mode, bring it from your study into your living room and enjoy some fun games with the family. Either way, the Tap 20 actually does have a specific type of user in mind.

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Hands on With the VAIO Tab 20 at CES 2013

If you’ve been curious about the Sony VAIO Tab 20 and want to see some hands on interaction with the device, check out this video made by Jon at TechnoBuffalo. He was at CES 2013 and had a chance to play around with this interesting mobile desktop as Sony describes it. Essentially the VAIO Tab 20 is a big All-in-One Desktop computer with touch display capability that also has a built in battery.

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Holiday Keyboard Skins For VAIO Laptop/Desktops

Stumbled across this fun article. Sony is offering a handful of unique keyboard skins for customers in Japan. These skins fit on select VAIO laptops and on the VAIO Tab 20 mobile desktop. Available only in Japan and for this holiday season, customers can order them online off the Sony Japan Online Store. Here’s hoping that Sony will soon be offering this selection to customers in the United States as well.

Set in a bold shade of red, the heart keyboard skin consists of two large white hearts surrounded in a flurry of snowflakes. A series of blue hues adorn the moon keyboard cover, which features a sophisticated font, big city skyline, and Santa with his reindeer flying overhead. The party keyboard cover incorporates a variety of festive decorations and accents, as well as a bold font for the letters (except for the word party).

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VAIO Tab 20 PC Not Your Normal Desktop Computer

The VAIO Tab 20 has certainly been turning heads as of late. It’s unique design and form factor are intriguing concepts that have not been seen before. Take this mobile desktop around the house. Sit it on your laptop or place it flat on a table to use. The large touch display make it easy and fun to use.

While the VAIO Tab 20 is a computer desktop, it does have some features that are different than what is commonly found on computers.  You might want to take note of some of these differences before you consider purchasing a VAIO Tab 20.

Two common desktop components that you will not find with the Vaio Tap 20 is an optical (CD, DVD) drive or an HDMI port. It is likely that Sony left these out to keep the computer slim enough to qualify as a tablet; it is 1.5″ at its thickest point. The Vaio does include two USB 3.0 ports that can be used to plug in a variety of external devices, including a USB optical drive, but the exclusion of an HDMI port takes out the option to easily use the Vaio with a projector, monitor, or tv.

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Sony VAIO Tab 20 Video Review

Windows 8 has introduced some pretty interesting computers. Most of what we’ve seen so far have been tablet laptop convertibles, but what about a tablet desktop convertible? Bet you haven’t seen many of these around. Well check out Sony’s VAIO Tab 20. It looks like a giant tablet, which it essentially is, but it can be made to stand like an All-in-One Desktop PC.

The VAIO Tab 20 is a desktop computer that uses a 20″ touch display. Built into the system is a battery, which allows for the device to be portable. While the system is still pretty large and heavy to carry around outside, it’s just light enough to move around from room to room inside a house. This makes the VAIO Tab 20 a great computing solution for the home.

Shoppers looking for a new family desktop computer should take a look at the VAIO Tab 20. It’s a great device, especially for families that have kids, and it’s fun to use. Use it to organize data or have fun with it by playing games or watching movies on it.

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