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Updated Sony VAIO T, Tab, L Series Systems

In a week or two expect Sony to come out with lots of changes to its existing computer product line. In addition to a whole new laptop series in the VAIO Fit, Sony will be introducing update models in the VAIO Tab, VAIO L Series and VAIO T Series. Expect to see new designs and updated hardware components.

The Japanese company’s big selling point for the Fit is its superior design at an entry-level price. The company is unveiling the latest version of its Tap 20 all-in-one desktop. It is also refreshing its L Series 24 PCs and its Vaio T Series 15 Ultrabook. By the end of the summer, touchscreen technology will take over the bulk of Sony’s desktop and laptop computer lines.

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Sony VAIO Z Series Alternatives

Some of you guys might have noticed that there’s no more Sony VAIO Z Series laptops being sold by Sony. Yes, this is correct. The product line has been removed from Sony’s website. These ultraportable laptops were high-end computing solutions that some might have said were a bit too pricey. Who knows if these machines sold well.

Fortunately for us consumers, there are still plenty of options. The VAIO S Series is the closest alternative to what you would get if you wanted a VAIO Z Series laptop. Find a high-end prebuilt configured model or customize one yourself. You’ll end up with with a system that’s almost as thin and great in computing performance.

There’s also the VAIO T Series. This product family belongs to the ultrabook line of machines, which means that these computers are thin and light, much like the VAIO Z Series ultraportables. So if thin and light is more your thing, go with a VAIO T Series ultrabook over a VAIO S Series ultraportable.

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New VAIO T Series Ultrabooks Feature Hybrid Storage Solutions

Sony has added a couple new VAIO systems to its VAIO T Series product lineup. While the talk has all been about the new larger screen sizes, one that is 14-inches and the other 15-inches, it is worth noting that these systems also feature a hybrid storage configuration. Having this setup gives users both a taste of fast and responsive data access and ample storage space without having to compromise on price.

The laptops are targeted at students and professionals, Sony said in a statement. A unique feature of the laptops is the ability to combine hard drives with low-capacity 24GB solid-state drives, which can be used to store operating systems. SSDs are typically faster than hard drives and can help laptops boot and perform faster.

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Sleek & Attractive Sony VAIO T15 Ultrabook

A 15″ ultrabook?  Have we ever seen anything like this before?  No, not until now.  Sony has just released both 14″ and 15″ versions of its popular 13″ VAIO T Series ultrabooks.  Now you can enjoy computing on a larger display while on the go without having to sacrifice battery life and convenience.  You also have the benefit of an optical drive, something which typically isn’t found on an ultrabook.  The review below highlights some of the new features found on the VAIO 15.  Check it out to see what favorable things are said about this laptop.

The $1,099 Sony VAIO T Series 15 Touch Ultrabook combines fast performance in a portable design. Its design stands out from the crowd, but still exudes a level of sophistication that will appeal to both student and mobile professionals. The full HD touch-screen display is beautiful, but the battery life and mushy keyboard leave something to be desired. Although a similarly configured HP Spectre XT Touchsmart Ultrabook 15t-4000 costs $300 more, it offers a better typing experience and comes with Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop. Overall, though, the VAIO T Series 15 is a stylish notebook that can switch from work to play with ease.

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Sony VAIO T14 & T15 Ultrabooks Now Available

For the past couple of years we’ve become familiar with the concept of ultrabooks. Designed to be mobile with thin and light form factors, these computing systems are perfect for the computer user that’s always out and about. They’re more powerful and have better battery performance than netbooks, which makes them superior machines to them. However, ultrabooks have up until now been restricted in several ways: their small size and their lack of an optical drive. Those design inadequacies have now been addressed by Sony in its new VAIO T Series machines. Sony now offers systems with both these features.

Ultrabooks are ultra slim, ultra lightweight, and known for their easy portability. As a result, most of them feature screens in the 11- to 13-inch range. Sony’s decided that it’s time for a change. At CES this year, the company announced two new Ultrabooks sporting 14- and 15.5-inch screens, the VAIO T series 14 and the VAIO T series 15. At that time, we heard they’d be available in the spring, but it looks like these VAIOs are early. Both Ultrabooks are available to order now.

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VAIO T15 & VAIO T14 Will Still Run on Ivy Bridge

Another tidbit of information has been revealed about the upcoming new touch display Sony VAIO T15 and VAIO T14 ultrabooks. These machines are due out later this quarter and will not feature the 4th generation Core Series “Haswell” processors. Instead, they’ll still be powered by Intel’s 3rd generation Core Series “Ivy Bridge” processors.

Sony was mum on most of the details of the VAIO T15 and a touch-upgraded T14 when they appeared at CES. We won’t have to wait until the spring launch in the US to know what some editions of the Ultrabook will carry, though. At least for Japan’s February 9th release, the T15 won’t be running any Haswell-based parts — the top-spec system carries a 2GHz Core i7 from the current generation, a BDXL drive and a 1TB hybrid hard disk. The touch-ready T14 will be just as modest with a 1.8GHz Core i5, a DVD burner and up to 750GB of hybrid storage. We wouldn’t be shocked to see performance boosts to either PC before they cross the Pacific, but we at least know what to expect as a baseline.

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You can find the most current VAIO T Series system models on Sony’s website. There you’ll see a selection of discounted custom and prebuilt models. See all the product specifications and upgrade options before you decide on one of these ultrabooks.

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VAIO T Series Adds a 15″ Model To The Lineup

The full array of VAIO T Series ultrabooks will be soon available, which include now the 13″, 14″ and 15″ form factors. The new-comer to the family is the VAIO T15. How many 15″ ultrabooks do you see out on the market? Those interested will have the ability to choose a touch display VAIO T15 model.

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Get Ready For New VAIO T14 & T15 Touchscreen Models

Sony’s VAIO T Series will be updated, as announced at CES 2013. Consumers will have the option to upgrade their VAIO T14 to a touch display. They’ll also be able to purchase a 15-inch model, something which wasn’t available before. The 15-inch model will be called the VAIO T15 and falls in line with the existing lines which include the VAIO T13 and the VAIO T14. So moving forward there will be three form factors, each with a touchscreen model variant.

Sony also announced its new 15-inch ultrabook, the Vaio T15. The laptop comes fitted with a full HD (1920 x 1080) touchscreen display and an aluminum-magnesium body. Sony has yet to reveal the T15′s full specifications and features list, but according to PCMag, the T15 will be shipped with the latest third-generation Intel chips. Along with the touch-enabled T14 ultrabooks, the new 15-inch T15 will be available this coming spring for a base price of $950. We expect more details to be available nearer to launch. Stay tuned for a hands-on review of Sony’s new VAIOs.

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A Budget Friendly VAIO T Series Windows 8 Ultrabook

Sony’s VAIO T Series laptop gets an update, with a new model in the VAIO T13.  This new system incorporates Windows 8 and is highlighted by a touch display.  The VAIO T13 Ultrabook is essentially the same laptop as the non-touch version with a handful of minor exceptions.

CNET has a review on this laptop and gives the computer a pretty favorable recommendation.  You can check out the full review on their website, along with a video that points out some highlights.  I’ve included some important points that were brought up so that readers can quickly capture what benefits the VAIO T13 offers.

  • The keyboard is large with generous space between keys. If you like a lot of travel to your keys, you’ll definitely want to try typing on a T13 before you buy.
  • Considering it has almost the exact same components as the last T series we tested, it’s not surprising that this one has same excellent battery life: 5 hours and 41 minutes. That’s actually more than the life Sony quotes for the system…
  • The system also booted up pretty fast in less than 30 seconds. That’s not as fast as SSD-based ultrabooks I’ve tested, but faster than a system running on a regular 5,400rpm hard drive.
  • Any additional demands that the touch display may have on system performance didn’t seem to slow it down.

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Windows 8 Multitouch Preview On VAIO T Ultrabook

The release Microsoft’s Windows 8 is right around the corner, and so is the release of Sony’s VAIO T13. Engadget was able to get a glimpse of the new ultrabook laptop.

In the video shared below, you’ll see the multi-touch functionality in action on the new operating system. Looks completely different from what we’ve seen and are used to doesn’t it. I don’t know how well the public will receive this new OS, but it’s what we got and what we’ll have moving forward on not just tablets but on computers and laptops as well.


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