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A Change in Sony’s VAIO Product Family

A noticeable change can be seen in Sony’s portfolio of VAIO branded laptops/ultrabooks – the introduction of a new VAIO Fit Series. This family of mobile computing solutions aims at simplifying the naming convention Sony has traditionally used in the fast. I’m not exactly sure how it’ll accomplish this, since there’ still a good number of different series and models to go with, but this is what Sony claims it wants to do with the VAIO Fit Series. To get an idea of what machines will be found in this grouping, think of something that combines feature sets in both the VAIO E Series and the VAIO T Series. These two product lines will eventually be phased out.

Given that the Fit series is the spiritual successor to the entry-level VAIO E series and the mid-range T line, it’d be reasonable to suppose it ranks somewhere in between, with a design that’s a loose mash-up of the two. In fact, though, it actually consists of two very different notebooks: the Fit E, which replaces the E laptops (natch), and the Fit, whose premium stylings make it most similar to the existing T series.

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Around the Web: Sony VAIO Fit Laptops

Sony has a new VAIO product line out and it’s called the VAIO Fit. What’s up with these new VAIO fit machines and where do they fit in Sony’s overarching categorization of mobile computing solutions. Check out what people are saying around the Web about VAIO Fit laptops in general and decide for yourself if it’s time for you to upgrade your computer system.



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A Video Preview of The Sony VAIO Fit 14

Sony’s VAIO Fit laptops are scheduled to be available for purchase sometime around the end of this month. If you’re curious as to what these laptops will be like, check out this short CNET video review of the VAIO Fit 14. The clip notes that the machine is a good thin and light laptop, with great performance specs, with the caveat being mediocre battery life.

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VAIO Fit Laptops Will Now Have Better Displays

Sony will be soon refreshing their VAIO laptop line. The company will start moving away from its VAIO E Series product category, and will re-brand this family of mainstream computing machines as the VAIO Fit Series. It’s an attempt by Sony to consolidate the many notebooks found in this grouping as well as to make it easier for consumers to identify with.

What will distinguish VAIO Fit laptops the most from other VAIO branded machines is the display. Sony has incorporated technologies and recent innovations found on Sony BRAVIA televisions into VAIO Fit laptop displays. Most noticeable will be the resolution. No more 1366 x 768 resolutions, which have been found on the majority of laptops these past several years. What consumers will find are higher display resolutions, which mean a better viewing experience.

“We’re really focusing on the power of Sony,” VAIO product manager Travis Furst told The Verge. That means collaboration among the company’s many parts, that “One Sony” every employee seems to want to talk about. The Fit’s most important spec its display, with a nod to Sony’s TV division: they come with 1600 x 900 or 1920 x 1080 touchscreens and nothing else. “We’re not going to offer 1366 x 768,” reps said. “We’ve killed that.”

Full Article Can Be Found At: Sony’s New VAIO Fit Lineup Refines its Entry-Level Laptops, and its Confusing Naming Scheme


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Video Of New Sony VAIO Fit Laptops

Sony is reorganizing their laptop product line. The company is going to start moving away from the often times confusing naming schemes for its different laptop series, such as the VAIO E, T, S series, and is consolidating machines into one grouping in the VAIO Fit category moving forward.

Below is the official introductory VAIO Fit video pulled from Sony’s Youtube channel, as well as Sony’s official press release regarding these new systems.

VAIO Fit Introduction

Sony Press Release

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Sony VAIO Fit 14 Video Sneak Peak

Here is a video product overview of Sony’s new VAIO Fit 14. The laptop’s not out yet, but will be later this month. Get a quick sneak preview of the laptop and see what you can expect.

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