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Sony VAIO Duo 13 Review

The VAIO Duo 13 has a unique design and definitely caters to a unique type of user. Those looking for a convertible ultrabook with a digitizer stylus should consider the VAIO Duo 13. Not many other convertible ultrabooks come with this feature.

The Sony VAIO Duo 13 is a compelling choice for anyone looking to join the hybrid ultrabook movement. It’s improved slider design and terrific battery life make this 13 inch hybrid a much better choice than it s predecessor, the Duo 11, and you get a larger screen without added weight.

Sony VAIO Duo 13

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VAIO Duo 13 A Second Go at Windows 8

Round 2!  Sony’s giving it a second go at creating and utilizing a full Windows 8 experience through the convertible ultrabook form factor.  The first attempt saw Sony receive mixed reviews with its Sony VAIO Duo 11.  This time around, Sony has changed some things around, most notably making things bigger while at the same time keeping things light.

The Duo 13, however, seeks to fix last year’s flaws, with a larger footprint. It’s a 13-inch device with (finally) a small trackpad, and a far more typing-friendly keyboard. Sony also shrunk the extra-large, somewhat industrial-style sliding mechanism that made last year’s unit run, replacing it with a far less bulky, far more elegant mechanism in the center of the unit. Another issue with last year’s unit – the lack of a spot to place the unique stylus that was supposed to add even more value to the Duo last year – has also been rectified, with a tiny holder.

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Sony VAIO Duo 13 Product Tour

The evolution of Sony’s VAIO Duo convertible ultrabook continues onto its second generation. The original VAIO Duo is an 11″ tablet/ultrabook slider that ran on a 3rd generation Core Series Sandy Bridge processor. A new and larger 13″ VAIO Duo will be debuted June 9 with a 4th generation Core Series Haswell processor. In addition, users will see improvements in the slider mechanism design and the inclusion of a trackpad.

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Rumors of a Sony VAIO Duo 13 Coming This Summer

Word’s out and it seems like there will be a new member to the VAIO Duo Series coming in the summer. Reports have it that the machine will debut in Taiwan at the Computex Conference. Right now VAIO Duos have an 11.6″ touchscreen. With a VAIO 13, people speculate that a 13″ touchscreen display will be introduced.

Sony appears to be preparing a new slider laptop for imminent launch. Rumoured to be called the VAIO Duo 13, the 13in notebook was spotted in a Currys (a UK purveyor of electronics) promo video. It looks a little like the VAIO Duo 11 from last year, with its sliding screen allowing it to be switched quickly from notebook to tablet and vice versa.

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