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Sony VAIO Duo 13 Product Tour

The evolution of Sony’s VAIO Duo convertible ultrabook continues onto its second generation. The original VAIO Duo is an 11″ tablet/ultrabook slider that ran on a 3rd generation Core Series Sandy Bridge processor. A new and larger 13″ VAIO Duo will be debuted June 9 with a 4th generation Core Series Haswell processor. In addition, users will see improvements in the slider mechanism design and the inclusion of a trackpad.

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Around the Web: Sneak Peak at a Possible 13″ VAIO Duo

The popularity of convertible ultrabooks has been picking up steam. Sony VAIO Duo machines have been hot-selling items. Currently all systems and configurations are fitted with an 11.6″ touchscreen, but word out is that a larger 13″ model will be coming soon. Check out what’s been making the headlines around the web.

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Rumors of a Sony VAIO Duo 13 Coming This Summer

Word’s out and it seems like there will be a new member to the VAIO Duo Series coming in the summer. Reports have it that the machine will debut in Taiwan at the Computex Conference. Right now VAIO Duos have an 11.6″ touchscreen. With a VAIO 13, people speculate that a 13″ touchscreen display will be introduced.

Sony appears to be preparing a new slider laptop for imminent launch. Rumoured to be called the VAIO Duo 13, the 13in notebook was spotted in a Currys (a UK purveyor of electronics) promo video. It looks a little like the VAIO Duo 11 from last year, with its sliding screen allowing it to be switched quickly from notebook to tablet and vice versa.

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VAIO Duo Digitizer Overview

Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, consumers have had some time to see a handful of new convertible ultrabook designs that attempt implement this revolutionary edition of Microsoft’s next generation operating system.

There have been some innovative designs, but the Sony VAIO Duo 11 stands out, especially for professionals that require a digitizer in their line of work. Not only does the VAIO Duo come with a digitizer, which not many convertible ultrabook systems have, this Sony device has been engineered with a great design which enables the digitizer to reliably execute its functions on the touch display through its well-supported form factor design.

Check out what I’m talking about with this video review which emphasizes the digitizer use and the stability the Duo offers.

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Sony VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook Digitizer Pen

There are some ultrabook convertible tablets but few have digitizer pens shipped with them. While this feature may not be a big issue for some, it could be for others, especially for those that prefer to write and draw on the tablet with a stylus pen.

Sony’s VAIO Duo 11 is one of the best Windows 8 convertible tablets out there. Not only does it have a digitizer pen available for users, it’s a solid device that’s been engineered well.

The digitizer layer and pen on the Sony Vaio Duo is excellent and really helped by having the most stable screen design possible. It’s locked into position and is stable enough to take full pressure on the pen without bouncing or tipping back. It’s great design for those wanting to use a pen. For those not wanting to use a pen you might be encouraged to try with the full HD screen as text and selection boxes tend to be smaller.

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The number of VAIO clearance laptops is dwindling. These are systems that have been priced to sale, as they need to be cleared out of inventory to make room for the newer models. Get yours while supplies are available.

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Watch How a Sony VAIO Duo Is Put Together

An ultrabook is basically a laptop that has a very thin and light design. It’s built to be easy to carry around and to have good battery life. The system is very appropriate for users that are frequently on the move, such as college students and mobile professionals.

With the advent of Windows 8, which places a big focus on touch functionality, ultrabooks have taken on a very interesting evolution of sorts. Many PC vendors started to combine the ultrabook form factor with that of a tablet, creating what they call a convertible tablet. These devices in one way or another, switch back and forth between tablet mode and ultrabook mode

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is one example of the many hybrid convertible designs out on the market. It incorporates a keyboard slider mechanism that is revealed when the device is in ultrabook mode. Otherwise, the keyboard remains hidden underneath the display when in tablet mode.

Check out this Sony video which documents the assembly of a VAIO Duo ultrabook. You’ll see what components go into this system and you’ll also probably have a better understanding of the design after viewing.

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Sony VAIO Duo Slides to the Top of Win8 Hybrids

There’s an abundance of Windows 8 hybrids out there, and not all of them look the same. PC Vendors have implemented various designs in attempt to optimally switch back and forth between tablet and laptop modes.

Sony’s VAIO Duo 11 uses a sliding concept. Simply slide the display out when set in tablet/slate mode, and a keyboard is revealed. The display is then propped up at an angle so that the user can use the device in laptop mode.

One consumer demographic which the VAIO Duo 11 targets is artists. Because the VAIO Duo 11 has digital stylus, it makes for easy penmanship use. Draw or write on the touch display with ease when the device is in slate mode. Very few Windows 8 Hybrids have this capability.

Check out the story behind the VAIO Duo 11, as shared by one of Sony’s developers.

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