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VAIO Pro Ultrabooks Learn From Lessons of Old

Sony’s VAIO Z Series has been MIA for quite some time. For a while, the product line served as Sony’s flagship laptop category, with sleek designs and performance components built into every machine. Unfortunately, the ultraportables were also extremely expensive and beyond the reach and price points of many.

It seems like with the debut of the VAIO Pro Series, Sony is attempting to spark interest again into its premium line of ultraportable product offerings. Hopefully the company has learned from his past mistakes. Here’s one take on the improvements that have been made.

The new Vaio Pro (11-inch and 13-inch models; $1150 and $1250 starting configs, respectively; out June 9 in black and silver) does away with almost all of the crap that made the Z so unusable. That too-shallow, too-small, too-awful keyboard is gone, replaced with a usable, typable island keyboard with nice spacing and travel distance. The cramped and tiny and also totally unusable trackpad is replaced with a big glass one that seemed to work reasonably well when we saw it a few months back, when its software was still in the early stages. The screen is a very nicely balanced 1080p. And it retains its lightness with the carbon fiber body, but adds an aluminum wrist plate to give the unit a more solid feel. (There was a good amount of flex in the keyboard as we used it, but Sony seemed to imply that it would be fixed for final production; we’ll let you know when we get review units in.) The 11-inch weighs 1.92 pounds, and the 13-inch 2.34 pounds. They also have the Vaio’s traditional optional and ugly sheet battery, which doubles battery life.

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Innovative VAIO Pro Ultrabook Power Adapter Doubles as a WiFi Router

Sony has definitely come up with a couple of innovative features with its VAIO Pro ultrabook line. Recently we wrote on how the power adapters double as charging USB ports. Now we find out that there’s also a power adapter (probably sold separately) on Sony’s website that allows for the the power adapter to function as a wireless Internet router. Sony’s been really thinking outside the box and these creative innovations, and it makes you wonder why nobody has come up with these ideas before.

The idea according to Sony, is that the power adapter can double as a Wi-Fi router, turning your hotel’s Ethernet connection into your own on-the-go hotspot. Handy if you want to use your phone for emails and web while you’re lying in bed.

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Sony VAIO Pro Ultrabooks Carry Up to 25 Hours of Battery Life

Ultraportables are just getting lighter in design and more battery efficient in performance.  Sony’s VAIO Pro ultrabooks, have set the standard for other PC vendors to follow for the rest of the year.  Billing these machines as the lightest on the market, Sony also touts that they can basically operate almost a full day on a single charge.  Perfect for mobile professionals, particularly those that frequent long plane flights.  Keep productive, even when you’re on the go travelling.

The 11.6-inch Vaio Pro has 11 hours of battery life and the 13.3-inch Vaio Pro hits around 8 hours of battery life. Sony is going to sell a sheet battery that can be connected to the base of the Sony Vaio Pros. The 13.3-inch version will be able to hit a battery life of 18 hours and the 11.6-inch version will be able to hit 25 hours.

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Updated Sony VAIO T, Tab, L Series Systems

In a week or two expect Sony to come out with lots of changes to its existing computer product line. In addition to a whole new laptop series in the VAIO Fit, Sony will be introducing update models in the VAIO Tab, VAIO L Series and VAIO T Series. Expect to see new designs and updated hardware components.

The Japanese company’s big selling point for the Fit is its superior design at an entry-level price. The company is unveiling the latest version of its Tap 20 all-in-one desktop. It is also refreshing its L Series 24 PCs and its Vaio T Series 15 Ultrabook. By the end of the summer, touchscreen technology will take over the bulk of Sony’s desktop and laptop computer lines.

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New Sony VAIO Fit Laptops

Coming soon are not just new Sony VAIO laptops, but a whole new product category called the VAIO Fit.  The VAIO Fit is a new series which will attempt to consolidate and simplify a bunch of similarly related VAIO E Series laptops.  You’ll see the VAIO E Series be phased out soon.

In addition to updated hardware specifications, which include new processors and an improved screen, you can expect some subtle changes to the little things, and they should help enhance the overall computing experience.

Additionally, the Fit models include standard Sony features such as a full size backlit keyboard with integrated number pad (Fit 15-inch only), large touch pad, quick charge functionality and Sony’s own Rapid Wake technology for instant PC resume.

With Near Field Communication (NFC) technology users can now quickly exchange website URLs and enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct connections by simply touching a compatible NFC device to the new VAIO Fit.

Also included with VAIO Fit is ArtRage Studio, a digital arts software. ArtRage Studio offers natural painting tools such as oil paints and watercolors, along with utilities to make painting easier for anyone who wants to paint or draw on their computer regardless of skill level.

For those that want to try their hand at video creation and music recording, the Fit family includes a pre-installed version of Sony Imagination Studio VAIO Edition software, about a $170 value, including Movie Studio Platinum, ACID Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio and DVD Architect Studio software.

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Sony VAIO T Series SVT13135CXS

Sony’s VAIO T Series is a laptop product line that’s dedicated to the ultrabook form factor. While the market is beginning to see a lot of hybrid convertible ultrabooks, the VAIO T Series remains as it is where you’ll find systems that are thin and light in design and having exceptional battery life. Sony has created another product line called the VAIO Duo Series which is all about tablet/ultrabook computing.

The most recent upgrade to the VAIO T Series family of ultrabooks is touch display. From its 13″ models to the recently introduced 17.3″ machines, you’ll now find a touch functionality on any sized display.

Check out a prebuilt or a custom VAIO T Series model and see what new improvements Sony has made. The VAIO SVT13135CXS is a popular prebuilt model. It’s priced relatively cheap and ships out from Sony quick.

By looking at the published specs and features, the Sony SVT13135CXS is a mid-range Ultrabook. It features 13″ widescreen LED-backlit display, makes it one of the best Ultrabook for those that are always on the go. The Sony T Series SVT13135CXS runs on 3rd Gen of Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM, 500GB + 24GB SSD and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Clearly, it is not made for serious gamers. Instead, this Ultrabook is best suited for student, businessman, and people who always travel.

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Watch How a Sony VAIO Duo Is Put Together

An ultrabook is basically a laptop that has a very thin and light design. It’s built to be easy to carry around and to have good battery life. The system is very appropriate for users that are frequently on the move, such as college students and mobile professionals.

With the advent of Windows 8, which places a big focus on touch functionality, ultrabooks have taken on a very interesting evolution of sorts. Many PC vendors started to combine the ultrabook form factor with that of a tablet, creating what they call a convertible tablet. These devices in one way or another, switch back and forth between tablet mode and ultrabook mode

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is one example of the many hybrid convertible designs out on the market. It incorporates a keyboard slider mechanism that is revealed when the device is in ultrabook mode. Otherwise, the keyboard remains hidden underneath the display when in tablet mode.

Check out this Sony video which documents the assembly of a VAIO Duo ultrabook. You’ll see what components go into this system and you’ll also probably have a better understanding of the design after viewing.

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Sony New VAIO Mobile Tabletop & Hybrid Ultrabook

With less than half a month to go before the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8, computer and laptop manufacturers are beginning to out what new products will be coming out along with the new operating systen. In addition to a completely updated VAIO laptop product lineup, consumers will also see two new product categories. These will be the Duo 11 Ultrabooks and the Tap 20 Desktops. You can find quick reference guide to these new product categories on an article posted on the website Tom’s Hardware.

With Windows 8 just around the corner, we’re starting to see a huge wave of devices gearing up to flood the retail channel later this month. Sony is the latest to reveal its goods, introducing its first mobile Tabletop PC for the U.S. market, the VAIO Tap 20 PC, and its slider hybrid, the VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook.

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Sony Laptop Ecoupons: 10/12 to 10/20

The Summer of 2012 has ended and it’s time to move on to the Fall. With that, room needs to be made for the new Fall Sony VAIO lineup. All VAIO summer models are now on clearance. Get great discounts as Sony is trying to clear inventory to make room for the upcoming Windows 8 machines.

Available for purchase are custom and prebuilt systems. These laptops will sell out soon, so don’t delay and take advantage of these special offers right now. Click on one of the Sony Ecoupons to see what promotions are currently valid.

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Purchasing Guide:

  • VAIO E Series – Far beyond basic
  • VAIO Z Series – Best of everything
  • VAIO S Series – All around excellence
  • VAIO T Series – Ultimate ultrabook
  • VAIO L Series – All in one desktop PC