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Sony’s VAIO Pro Ultrabook Unboxing Video

Curious about Sony’s new VAIO Pro Premium Ultrabook? Check out this Sony unboxing video. Produced by Sony and found on Sony’s Youtube channel, you’ve get a quick glimpse of the product along with the highlights that are found with it.

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An Introduction To Sony’s VAIO Pro

Meticulous planning and design has going into the development of Sony’s new VAIO Pro ultrabooks. It’s been marketed as the world’s lightest ultrabook machine and it definitely loves up to reputation. Watch this promotional video put out by Sony and see what foresight went into producing this machine.

Current Special Offers For: VAIO Pro Series Ultrabooks

Sony VAIO Pro 13/11 Notable Feature Highlights

Two things that I love about Sony’s VAIO Pro 13/11 ultrabooks, in addition to their thin and light sizes, are the built-in USB port found on the charging adapter and the port replicator port that has the ability fit a sheet battery on the underside of the machines.

The unique design of the power adapter seems like something that should have been made a long time ago by PC manufacturers. It keeps the actual machine light and uncluttered, while at the same time allowing users to charge peripheral devices.

What’s the point of having an ultraportable if you can’t use it for very long when out on the go. By combining new technologies, such as Intel’s Haswell processors, with a sheet battery, users can possibly extend usage to 25 hours.


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Sneak Peak at VAIO Pro 13 Video

It’s been a while since Sony discontinued its VAIO Z line.  This family of ultraportable laptops were perfect for those that needed a high-end mobile computing machines because they were thin, light and powerful in performance.  Fortunately, next week, we’ll be seeing the introduction of something similiar.  The VAIO Pro Series will be debuting on and will be available for orders and shipping on June 9.  These are 11/13″ ultrabooks that feature Intel’s 4th generation Core Series Haswell processors.  Check out a sneak peak at the VAIO Pro 13 with this CNET Video.


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A Video Preview of The Sony VAIO Fit 14

Sony’s VAIO Fit laptops are scheduled to be available for purchase sometime around the end of this month. If you’re curious as to what these laptops will be like, check out this short CNET video review of the VAIO Fit 14. The clip notes that the machine is a good thin and light laptop, with great performance specs, with the caveat being mediocre battery life.

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VAIO Fit Laptops Will Now Have Better Displays

Sony will be soon refreshing their VAIO laptop line. The company will start moving away from its VAIO E Series product category, and will re-brand this family of mainstream computing machines as the VAIO Fit Series. It’s an attempt by Sony to consolidate the many notebooks found in this grouping as well as to make it easier for consumers to identify with.

What will distinguish VAIO Fit laptops the most from other VAIO branded machines is the display. Sony has incorporated technologies and recent innovations found on Sony BRAVIA televisions into VAIO Fit laptop displays. Most noticeable will be the resolution. No more 1366 x 768 resolutions, which have been found on the majority of laptops these past several years. What consumers will find are higher display resolutions, which mean a better viewing experience.

“We’re really focusing on the power of Sony,” VAIO product manager Travis Furst told The Verge. That means collaboration among the company’s many parts, that “One Sony” every employee seems to want to talk about. The Fit’s most important spec its display, with a nod to Sony’s TV division: they come with 1600 x 900 or 1920 x 1080 touchscreens and nothing else. “We’re not going to offer 1366 x 768,” reps said. “We’ve killed that.”

Full Article Can Be Found At: Sony’s New VAIO Fit Lineup Refines its Entry-Level Laptops, and its Confusing Naming Scheme


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Video Of New Sony VAIO Fit Laptops

Sony is reorganizing their laptop product line. The company is going to start moving away from the often times confusing naming schemes for its different laptop series, such as the VAIO E, T, S series, and is consolidating machines into one grouping in the VAIO Fit category moving forward.

Below is the official introductory VAIO Fit video pulled from Sony’s Youtube channel, as well as Sony’s official press release regarding these new systems.

VAIO Fit Introduction

Sony Press Release

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VAIO Duo Digitizer Overview

Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, consumers have had some time to see a handful of new convertible ultrabook designs that attempt implement this revolutionary edition of Microsoft’s next generation operating system.

There have been some innovative designs, but the Sony VAIO Duo 11 stands out, especially for professionals that require a digitizer in their line of work. Not only does the VAIO Duo come with a digitizer, which not many convertible ultrabook systems have, this Sony device has been engineered with a great design which enables the digitizer to reliably execute its functions on the touch display through its well-supported form factor design.

Check out what I’m talking about with this video review which emphasizes the digitizer use and the stability the Duo offers.

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Watch How a Sony VAIO Duo Is Put Together

An ultrabook is basically a laptop that has a very thin and light design. It’s built to be easy to carry around and to have good battery life. The system is very appropriate for users that are frequently on the move, such as college students and mobile professionals.

With the advent of Windows 8, which places a big focus on touch functionality, ultrabooks have taken on a very interesting evolution of sorts. Many PC vendors started to combine the ultrabook form factor with that of a tablet, creating what they call a convertible tablet. These devices in one way or another, switch back and forth between tablet mode and ultrabook mode

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is one example of the many hybrid convertible designs out on the market. It incorporates a keyboard slider mechanism that is revealed when the device is in ultrabook mode. Otherwise, the keyboard remains hidden underneath the display when in tablet mode.

Check out this Sony video which documents the assembly of a VAIO Duo ultrabook. You’ll see what components go into this system and you’ll also probably have a better understanding of the design after viewing.

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A VAIO Duo 11 & Surface Pro Showdown

The Microsoft Surface Pro just came out and some might be wondering how it stacks up against similar Windows 8 tablet devices. Well Lisa Gade over at Mobile Tech Review has just done a pretty comprehensive video review comparing the Surface Pro with the VAIO Duo. Both machines have comparable technical specifications. Keep in mind the Surface Pro is has more of the traditional slate tablet design, so it’s a tad smaller and requires keyboard that can be attached on, while the Sony is a hybrid convertible ultrabook with a built-in keyboard.

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