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Toshiba Satellite U920t Convertible Ultrabook Tablet

Toshiba’s Satellite U920t is an interesting Windows 8 convertible ultrabook to have recently hit the market. It uses a sliding mechanism to switch back and forth between tablet and ultrabook modes. Two comparable alternatives are the Sony VAIO Duo and the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist. The article below, with a snippet and link provided, examines the Satellite U920t as well and notes its similarities to the Duo and Twist. Check it out.

The 12.5-inch screen makes this one of the larger convertibles, using the same 1,366 x 768 resolution favoured by the budget end of town. For most users this will be fine, but designers and photographers will probably prefer the true HD resolution offered elsewhere. The Gorilla Glass finish suggests it’ll handle a beating without getting bruised, while the 10-point multitouch display means the screen can be used as a virtual piano, one of the only applications that we can imagine needs so many points of contact. Despite the lower resolution, the IPS display here is one of the better ones we’ve seen, with excellent image quality across the board. Once again, we see a glossy finish employed and despite the anti-smudging tech provided by the Gorilla Glass, our sample was soon covered in fingerprints. If you do end up buying a touch-enabled PC, a cleaning cloth will be your first must-have accessory.

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Windows 8 on Toshiba Laptops

Windows 8 is here and there are so many options you can go with when you choose a Toshiba laptop. From Satellite systems to Qosmio systems, there’s something for everyone. Some have touch capability and others do not. Check out all the different things you can do on a Windows 8 machine. It’s definitely something you’ve never seen or experienced before.

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Toshiba Satellite U845W-S430 Ultrabook

Those looking for an above-average ultrabook should consider the Toshiba Satellite U845W-S430. This is system has a gorgeous and expansive 14.4″ widescreen display, a feature that is unique in the market of ultraportable computing machines. Use the U845W-S430 to work or to enjoy a movie. The system configuration for this laptop has the “stuff” to power your everyday computing needs.

The U845W-S430 fared well in our multimedia tests, cementing its status as a system geared more toward media consumption rather than creation; this is perfectly adequate for non-enthusiasts interested in the light media creation, while those looking to do more would be better off with a system sporting a discrete GPU like the Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB71.

Details on the Toshiba Satellite U845W-S430


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Satellite U840 Series Ultrabooks

As ultrabooks become more popular, we’ve seen Toshiba release more and more ultrabook models. Toshiba has come out with several new systems with distinguishing features, things that you don’t typically see on ultrabooks from other PC vendors. Check out the Toshiba Satellite U845 Series and the Satellite U845W Series. These are 14-inch ultrabooks. Pretty good in size and weight with an interesting cinematic widescreen display on U845W machines.

Toshiba Satellite U845 Series Ultrabook

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Toshiba Satellite U845W Ultrabook

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Just a Handful of Reasons to Buy a Toshiba Laptop

Need some reasons why to go with a Toshiba laptop? Check out these commercial clips highlighting some notable features. Quick startup, cinematic widescreen displays, durable components are just a few to note. Watch these videos and see them in action.

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Toshiba Satellite S875-S7242 Review

As strange as this may sound, there are still people who want and use desktop replacement laptops. They may use them at home as family computers, or they may use them as multimedia entertainment machines. Whatever the reason, the demand is there and there are plenty of desktop replacement laptops that offer plenty of value.

The Satellite S875-S7242 is one such machine. This laptop has been designed to be a budget friendly desktop replacement laptop. It provides good multimedia performance, for instances such as when watching videos or playing games, and it is generously sized in its display and keyboard.

The Toshiba Satellite S875-S7242 isn’t the slimmest or most portable laptop available on the market, but it packs solid hardware into an affordable package while pumping out admirable benchmark scores that hold their own against more expensive systems.

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A Different Kind of Ultrabook

Out with netbooks and in with ultrabooks. Apple’s MacBook Air started the trend and the push has coming on with Intel pumping more and more money into this new form factor. Consumers are now beginning to see an increasing selection of ultrabook models from the various computer manufacturers.

Besides the obvious attributes found on many ultrabooks on the market today, such as the thin and light chassis and the ultra-low voltage Intel processor, what other characteristics can be noted? Not much. However, Toshiba is trying to distinguish its ultrabook product line with the Satellite U845W Series. What shoppers will find that’s different and unique is an ultrawide display screen, something that might be intriguing for some users.

With its Satellite U845W, Toshiba is doing something that is at least different, if nothing else: this laptop takes the same insides used in other Ultrabooks and adds an ultra-wide 1792×768 display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, taking aim directly at movie buffs and multitaskers who need or want lots of horizontal elbow room for their windows.

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With this display, the appeal will definitely be geared toward multi-window power uses.  Those that frequently multitask between different windows or applications will surely find the ability to have multiple active windows a convenient feature.  Use it to stay productive or to split time between work and entertainment.  Toshiba even includes a utility to facilitate this.

To enhance the utility of the wide screen to heavy multitaskers, Toshiba has included a Split Screen utility, one of the most useful OEM add-ons I’ve encountered recently. It allows you to resize a pair of windows to take up disproportionate parts of the screen—allowing, for example, one window to take up a 1024 or 1366-pixel-wide space, and the second window to use the remainder. This can be useful in cases where you’ve got a browser or a document that needs more space, and another program like an IM or Twitter client that only needs a narrow strip.

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Satellite U840W Coupon

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Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons: 9/25 to 10/1

It’s another Tuesday and new Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons are out. These deals are slightly better than last week’s. Special offers are going to be available for a week as usual, so that means they expire on October 1.

Check out the promotions for Qosmio (gaming) laptops and Satellite (mainstream) laptops. There are some huge savings for them this week. Get up to $500 off, such as on Qosmio F755-3D150 Laptop, and get up to $410 off, such as on Satellite P850-BT2N22 Laptop.

This Week’s Savings:

  • Discounts up to $500 on Qosmio Laptops (Qosmio F755-3D150 Laptop)
  • Discounts up to $120 on Portege Laptops (Portege Z935-ST2N03 Ultrabook)
  • Discounts up to $298 on Tecra Laptops (R940-SMBN22 Laptop)
  • Discounts up to $410 on Satellite Laptops (Satellite P850-BT2N22 Laptop)

New Toshiba Laptop Ecoupons

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A Thorough Video Review of Satellite U840 Ultrabook

Toshiba has introduced a new product line in the Satellite U Series. This group of mobile computing machines features mainstream ultrabooks that are priced for the average everyday casual computer user.

There are two sub-groups within this series: U840 and U840W. The ‘W’ designation signifies a widescreen variant, which means that models have a 14.4″ display that carries a 21:9 aspect ratio. All other U840 models have a 14″ display.

Lisa at MobileTechReview, gives an extremely thorough review on Toshiba Satellite U840 Ultrabooks. You can check out the article and video review below.


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Toshiba Ultrabook With Ultrawide Display

One buzz in the mobile computing world right now is that of Toshiba’s Satellite U840W.  This is an ultrabook that features a unusual wide display, with a screen that’s 14.4″ in its diagonal, and an 21:9 aspect ratio.  The design is unique because it’s the first of its kind, and it provides consumers with an intriguing proposition and option of more desktop computing space on their laptops.  So now you have a super thin and light laptop with a large display with which you can be more productive on or with which you can better enjoy multimedia content on.

There’s no sense beating around the bush: It’s the screen that will immediately catch your eye when you crack open the machine’s lid. At 14.4 inches diagonally, it’s an odd overall size, but the real story is in its dimensions. With a 21:9 aspect ratio and 1792 x 768 pixels of resolution, it’s got the widest screen of any laptop I can remember — wider even than some of Sony’s niche oddities like the 8-inch P Series (1600 x 768 pixels).

You can actually watch a nearly full-size video on one side of the screen and still have room for IM and e-mail on the other. On a standard 16:9 widescreen laptop, that’s just not an option.

Why would you want such a wide screen? I’m still working on that one, but as a veteran multi-window user, I found myself surprisedly enjoying the ability to clutter up the screen with lots of layers. You can actually watch a nearly full-size video on one side of the screen and still have room for IM and e-mail on the other. On a standard 16:9 widescreen laptop, that’s just not an option.

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