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Presenting KIRAbook Ultrabook Video

A Toshiba and Microsoft Promo for a new Toshiba KIRA branded product line which features premium thin and light ultrabooks with high-definition display resolutions comparable to those found on MacBook Pro Retina Display laptops. Watch this video clip summarizing some of the more impressive highlights found on KIRAbook models.

Current Special Offers For: KIRA Series Ultrabooks

Toshiba KIRAbooks: A MacBook Air Rival

There have been many PC manufacturers that have tried to put out something that would rival Apple’s MacBook air.  Well there’s a new kid on the block and its Toshiba’s KIRA branded laptops.  These machines are premium ultrabooks that are beautiful and durable in design.  In addition, KIRA ultrabooks feature a super high screen resolution, something that’s comparable to Apple’s Retina Displays.  Toshiba calls the technology that powers the display PixelPure, and it produces an amazing resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The case is built with AZ91 pressed magnesium alloy and a honeycomb base that makes it feel solid. Toshiba says that is twice as strong as typical aluminum alloy laptops. It also uses Corning Concore Glass, and its exterior is resistant and durable. But the machine weighs only 2.6 pounds and it is 0.7 inches at its thinnest point. The edges of the laptop are stylishly rounded.

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Current Special Offers For: KIRA Series Ultrabooks

Hands on Video For Toshiba KIRAbook Laptop

Want a Windows laptop that compares to the Apple MacBook Air in design and has the super high definition resolution found in a MacBook Pro Retina Display machine? What about touchscreen capability too? You can have all of these features in a Toshiba KIRAbook. These systems recently debuted on Toshiba’s website and now is available for purchase. To learn more about what Toshiba’s KIRA branded laptops offer, check out this video.

Current Special Offers For: KIRA Series Ultrabooks

Toshiba KIRA Books Intro & Highlights

Toshiba has just introduced a new laptop series into its laptop product lineup. This category is called KIRA and it features high-end ultrabook machines. For a quick run down on how this group of computer systems differ from the traditional Toshiba product categories that we’re so used to see, check out this brief introduction and highlight summary of what you can expect to find in a KIRA ultrabook.

The new KIRA (shown above and below) is sure to turn a lot of heads at launch, the device runs from $1,799 to $2,199. Toshiba reminds readers that Kira means ‘beam of light’, and the company calls Kira the “epitome of Japanese workmanship — every element designed and crafted with beautifully considered precision”.

The official description for the device is as follows: “Taking its cues from nature, KIRA has an incredibly durable lightweight strength due to its unique Honeycomb structure, designed to reinforce the chassis. Its construction, using the same magnesium alloy found in high-performance race cars, gives KIRA the edge when it comes to life in the fast lane”.

KIRA highlights include:

+ World’s first Ultrabook™ with Pixel Pure (2560×1440) display — the equivalent of four times the clarity of standard 720p High Definition display
+ Intuitive touchscreen
+ Ultra-light 1.21kg – 1.35kg (Dependant on no-touch/touch capabilities)
+ Prestigious harman/kardon® speakers
+ Supreme lightweight strength with reinforced magnesium honeycomb construction
+ Extended warranty
+ Dedicated platinum on-site servicing and a dedicated hotline

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Current Special Offers For: KIRA Ultrabooks