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Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons: 10/18 to 10/24

While the discounts this week are not as good as last week, there are definitely more machines on sale this week than last. Almost all of Lenovo’s product lineup, whether it be for laptops or for desktops are being promoted and have discounts. Lenovo, like many other PC vendors, is clearing out their summer inventory.

This week find both ThinkPad and Idea branded products on sale. Lenovo is running a 4 day ThinkPad promotion through October 21. Save up to 12% on ThinkPad laptops and get a free 500GB hard disk drive upgrade. For Idea and Essential branded laptops and desktops, save up to 40% off ticketed items.

Click on a product category coupon below and you’ll see the huge savings you can get. The ThinkPad deals are valid for only 4 days until 10/21. The Idea and Essential deals run for a week and expire on 10/24

Highlighted Lenovo Discounts:

  • $550.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 20938RU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $480.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994PU Laptop (Serious Entertainment)
  • $430.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 21514DU Laptop (Affordable Entertainment)
  • $159.80 off IdeaPad Z380: 21293BU Laptop (Affordable Entertainment)
  • $250.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762JU Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)
  • $550.00 off IdeaPad U300e: 269224U Laptop (Thin, Light, Stylish)
  • $250.00 off Essential G575: 43834NU Laptop (Entry-Level Reliability)

New Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons

Current Special Offers For: ThinkPad Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: Essential Laptops 

Current Special Offers For: IdeaCentre Desktops 


Purchasing Guide:

ThinkPad (Powered for productivity, Rock-solid reliability, Uncompromised security)

  • L Series – Environmentally friendly
  • Edge Series – Small-business style
  • T Series – Portable powerhouse
  • X Series – Mobile freedom
  • X Tablet Series – Versatility to go
  • W Series – Ultimate mobile workstation

IdeaPad (Stylish laptops and Ultrabooks, Enhanced multimedia, Innovative technology)

  • S Series – Web connectivity anytime, anywhere
  • U Series – Super slim designer notebooks and ultrabooks
  • Y Series – Series entertainment
  • Z Series – Affordable entertainment


Lenovo Laptop Ecoupons: 8/9 to 8/15

Lenovo summer deals are gearing up.  Prepare yourself for some great discounts.  Back-to-School Sale savings here are.  Take advantage of these opportunities.

Special Offers Valid: 8/9 to 8/15


  • $887.85 off ThinkPad T430s Laptop
  • $937.85 off ThinkPad T430s Laptop
  • $769.35 off ThinkPad X230 Laptop
  • $806.85 off ThinkPad X230 Laptop
  • $998.35 off ThinkPad X230 Tablet
  • $1,048.35 off ThinkPad X230 Tablet
  • $1,130.85 off ThinkPad W530 Laptop
  • $1,180.85 off ThinkPad W530 Laptop
  • $1,141.35 off ThinkPad W530 Laptop with Color Sensor

Serious Entertainment
$700.00 off IdeaPad Y570: 08622VU Laptop
$780.00 off IdeaPad Y570: 08626RU Laptop
$600.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 20994HU Laptop
$550.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 209945U Laptop
$700.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 209943U Laptop
$650.00 off IdeaPad Y580: 209948U Laptop
$750.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 209387U Laptop
$720.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 209386U Laptop
$730.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 20934ZU Laptop
$750.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 209383U Laptop
$800.00 off IdeaPad Y480: 209388U Laptop
$680.00 off IdeaPad Y470p: 08552KU Laptop

Thin, Light, Stylish
$700.00 off IdeaPad U410: 437684U Laptop
$460.00 off IdeaPad U410: 437683U Laptop
$500.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762HU Laptop
$500.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762FU Laptop
$700.00 off IdeaPad U410: 43762YU Laptop
$400.00 off IdeaPad U410: 437626U Laptop
$400.00 off IdeaPad U410: 437624U Laptop
$610.00 off IdeaPad U400: 09932HU Laptop
$500.00 off IdeaPad U400: 09933JU Laptop
$439.80 off IdeaPad U310: 43752UU Laptop
$439.80 off IdeaPad U310: 43752TU Laptop
$439.80 off IdeaPad U310: 437526U Laptop
$359.80 off IdeaPad U310: 43752WU Laptop
$329.80 off IdeaPad U310: 437525U Laptop
$329.80 off IdeaPad U310: 437524U Laptop
$329.80 off IdeaPad U310: 437523U Laptop
$500.00 off IdeaPad U300s: 108029U Laptop
$500.00 off IdeaPad U300s: 108028U Laptop
$600.00 off IdeaPad U300s: 10802AU Laptop

Affordable Entertainment
$700.00 off IdeaPad Z580: 21514FU Laptop
$320.00 off IdeaPad Z575: 129937U Laptop
$510.00 off IdeaPad Z570: 1024D9U Laptop
$410.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21483BU Laptop
$410.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 21483HU Laptop
$410.00 off IdeaPad Z480: 214836U Laptop
$460.00 off IdeaPad Z470: 10225BU Laptop
$420.00 off IdeaPad Z470: 10225QU Laptop
$450.00 off IdeaPad Z380: 21293DU Laptop
$440.00 off IdeaPad Z380: 21293HU Laptop

Entry-Level Reliability
$290.00 off Essential G575: 43834NU Laptop
$400.00 off Essential G580: 218982U Laptop

Stylish All-in-One
$400.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25647CU Desktop
$380.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25646CU Desktop
$300.00 off IdeaCentre A720: 25645CU Desktop

Raw Power
$450.00 off IdeaCentre K430: 31093CU Desktop
$300.00 off IdeaCentre K430: 31092XU Desktop

Multimedia Powerhouse
$450.00 off IdeaCentre B520: 77452PU Desktop

Affordable Desktop Versatility
$380.00 off Essential H330: 77804KU Desktop

Current Special Offers For: IdeaPad Laptops

Current Special Offers For: Lenovo Laptops