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Three New IdeaPad S Series Ultrabooks Rolling Out in September

The IdeaPad S Series is finally getting an update.  For the longest time, this category has been focused on what used to be popular netbooks.  We saw the S205 followed by the S206.  However, come this month, Lenovo will release three new models in the S300, S400 and S405.  These machines have been classified as ultrabooks, thin and light mobile computing solutions, more powerful in performance than netbooks with a slightly larger form factor.

Lenovo’s three new IdeaPad S Series ultrabooks will target budget mainstream consumers.  The IdeaPad U Series will still be the more premium ultrabook product line.

The IdeaPad S300, S400 and S405 will feature a 13.3″, 14″ and 14″ display respectively.  The S300 and S400 are powered by third generation Intel ULV Core i3 and Core i5 processors and the S405 is powered by an AMD A8 quad core processor.

It’s strange that Lenovo would release these systems right before the debut of Windows 8, which is only a month away.  These IdeaPad S Series models will ship with Windows 7, but will be eligible for the Windows 8 upgrade.

Aiming to strike the ever-elusive balance between portability and performance, all three ultraportables in the new S Series cadre measure 21.9mm thick and weigh less than four pounds. Along with a 14-inch display, each ultraportable is decked out in a metallic-finished chassis that can be kitted out in either a cotton-candy pink, crimson red, or silver grey color.

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