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Lenovo Horizon a 27-inch Mobile Computer/Tablet

Sony has the VAIO Tab 20, a mobile all-in-one desktop computer. It looks like a huge tablet, but really it’s designed to be a computer that you can move around with. Now Lenovo seems to be coming out with a similar machine in the Lenovo Horizon. The Horizon is actually an even bigger version of the VAIO Tab 20, engineered with a 27-inch touchscreen. Time will tell how successful and popular these types of computers will be. The Horizon is expected to debut for public purchase this upcoming summer

Better stock up on mug coasters – Lenovo have taken CES 2013 to reveal their Lenovo Horizon, a 27-inch touchscreen PC/tablet hybrid that’s as much a coffee table surface as it is a computer. A giant Windows 8 slate, you can fold its built-in stand away to lay the device flat, acting like a giant tabletop tablet. It also allows the Horizon a modicum of portability, though at 7.7kg in weight you wont want to be running for a bus with it on your back.

More Details at: Lenovo Horizon is a 27-inch Windows 8 Touchscreen Table Tablet/PC Hybrid

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