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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Deals

These 6 Toshiba Laptops are on sale this week.  This special offer runs between the dates 04/06/10 through 04/12/10.

Several of these Toshiba notebooks include free hardware upgrades.  Click on each laptop model for more details and for eCoupon.

Current Special Offers For: Toshiba Weekly Laptop Sale

Toshiba 48 Hour Satellite Laptop Sale

For 48 hours between the dates of 3/23 and 3/24, Toshiba will be having a sale on a select handful of Satellite laptops.  Three Toshiba Satellite notebooks have been discounted.

  • Satellite L500-ST55X2:  $50 discount
  • Satellite L500-ST5507:  $100 discount
  • Satellite A500-ST56EX:  $150 discount

    Current Special Offers For: Toshiba 48 Hour Laptop Sale

    Current Active Toshiba Satellite Laptop Deals

    Toshiba Weekly Laptop Deals – St. Patrick’s Day

    Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and Toshiba has several laptops on sale to celebrate this special occasion.  Select Toshiba Satellite laptops have been discounted, with some having free hardware upgrades.  This laptop sale lasts till 3/22.

    Dual Core Value – Satellite L500-ST2543

    • Free memory upgrade, free shipping, $120 discount

    Widescreen Value – Satellite L550-ST2744

    • 25% off, Free Shipping, $195 discount

    Power & Style – Satellite A500-ST6644

    • Free upgrade to 4GB memory, Free Shipping, $160 discount

    Stylish & Sleek – Satellite U500-ST6344

    • Free upgrade to 4GB memory, Free Shipping, $190 discount

    Desktop Replacement – Satellite P500-ST6844

    • Free upgrade to 4GB memory, Free Shipping, $160 discount

    Toshiba Satellite Laptop Deals

    Toshiba Weekly Laptop Deals

    There are 6 Toshiba Laptops on Sale this week. Discounts range from $135 to $160 in Instant Savings. Nor mail in rebates. Discounts are effective immediately during the check out process.  The sale lasts until 03/08.

    The Toshiba Notebooks on sale all belong to the Satellite family.  All of them have free shipping included when purchased from ToshibaDirect.

    • Satellite L500D-ST2543 – $160.00 Total Savings, Free Memory & Hard Drive Upgrade
    • Satellite L500-ST2544 – $135.00 Total Savings, Free Memory & Bluetooth Upgrade
    • Satellite L500-ST2543 – $150.00 Total Savings, Free Memory & Hard Dreive Upgrade
    • Satellite A500-ST6644 – $160.00 Total Savings, Free 4GB Memory Upgrade
    • Satellite P500-ST6844 – $160.00 Total Savings, Free 4GB Memory Upgrade
    • Satellite A500-ST6647 – $150.00 Total Savings, Free 1GB Graphics Upgrade

    Three of the Toshiba Laptops on Sale this week have Intel Core i3 Processors

    • Satellite L500-ST2544
    • Satellite A500-ST6644
    • Satellite P500-ST6844

    The Satellite A500-ST6647 runs an Intel Core i7 Processor.

    For more information on these discounts, visit:

    Toshiba Satellite Deals

    Toshiba Weekly Laptop Deals

    This week’s sale on Toshiba laptops features seven laptops.  The majority of of the Toshiba notebooks on sale are Satellite L500 models, which are laptops designed with value and style in mind.  Some are budget-oriented and some are performance-focused.  There is one Toshiba gaming notebook available in the  Qosimo.

    The laptop sale runs between 2/23 and 3/01.  Discounts for these Toshiba notebooks run from $50 to $135 off the original selling price.  Prices start at $399.

    • Satellite L500D-ST2543 – $135 Discount
    • Satellite L500-ST2543 – $80 Discount
    • Satellite L550-ST2743 – $115 Discount
    • Satellite L500-ST2544 – $100 Discount
    • Satellite L500-ST5507 – $100 Discount
    • Satellite A500-ST56X6 – $70 Discount
    • Qosmio X505-Q870 – $50 Discount

    All these Toshiba laptops include free shipping.   Of these 7 laptops, 3 of them include free memory upgrades.  They are:

    • Satellite L500D-ST2543
    • Satellite L500-ST254
    • Satellite L500-ST2544

    Two of these laptops are performance notebooks with discrete graphics cards.  These Toshiba systems are ideal for gaming for graphic related computing.

    • Satellite A500-ST56X6
    • Qosmio X505-Q870

    For more details on this Toshiba Sale, visit the following webpages:

    Toshiba Satellite Laptop Discounts

    Toshiba Qosmio Gaming Laptop Discounts

    Toshiba Laptops – Active Sale Items

    Toshiba Weekly Laptop Deals – Up to 25% Off

    This week’s Toshiba laptop deals feature a wide assortment of Satellite notebooks. They include Satellite value systems to Satellite high-performance machines. Prices start at $434 and discounts go up to 25% off. The special offer is vaild until 2/22/2010.

    The following Toshiba Satellite models have been discounted this week.

    • L500-ST2543
    • L500-ST55X2
    • L550-ST57X1
    • L500-ST2544
    • L550-ST5708
    • A500-ST56X6

    For more details on these Toshiba Satellite promotional models, visit:

    Toshiba Satellite Laptop Discounts