There are some technology buffs that still lament the death of Sony’s VAIO Z Series. This family of ultraportable laptops featured the latest and best technologies and components available at the time, and it packed them all in a super thin and light form factor. Unfortunately, these systems were also expensive beyond a doubt. That’s why they were discontinued over a year ago, and since then, Sony has not put out anything comparable. That is until now.

Introducing the VAIO Pro, a new product line that’s supposed to take up the mantle of being a respectable flagship laptop. VAIO Pro systems are actually ultrabooks by definition, but they’ve been decked out and resemble nothing like what most people consider ultrabooks. From terrific audio/visual highlights to fast performance found in their innovative and new PCIe Solid State Drives, users will have no reason to not fall in love with these machines. Even the pricing for the various VAIO Pro models is decent, a lesson learned from the past.

In a sense, the Z is still dead: to this day, there is no Z series in Sony’s lineup. But there is the new Pro line, and it more or less picks up where the Z left off. (It takes after the business-friendly S series, too.) Starting at $1,150 and available in 11- and 13-inch sizes, these machines use carbon fiber to achieve an even lighter design (under two pounds for the 11-inch model). Both pack fresh Haswell processors, with 1080p screens, NFC and backlit keyboards all standard.

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