Some of you guys might have noticed that there’s no more Sony VAIO Z Series laptops being sold by Sony. Yes, this is correct. The product line has been removed from Sony’s website. These ultraportable laptops were high-end computing solutions that some might have said were a bit too pricey. Who knows if these machines sold well.

Fortunately for us consumers, there are still plenty of options. The VAIO S Series is the closest alternative to what you would get if you wanted a VAIO Z Series laptop. Find a high-end prebuilt configured model or customize one yourself. You’ll end up with with a system that’s almost as thin and great in computing performance.

There’s also the VAIO T Series. This product family belongs to the ultrabook line of machines, which means that these computers are thin and light, much like the VAIO Z Series ultraportables. So if thin and light is more your thing, go with a VAIO T Series ultrabook over a VAIO S Series ultraportable.

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