Windows 8 has introduced some pretty interesting computers. Most of what we’ve seen so far have been tablet laptop convertibles, but what about a tablet desktop convertible? Bet you haven’t seen many of these around. Well check out Sony’s VAIO Tab 20. It looks like a giant tablet, which it essentially is, but it can be made to stand like an All-in-One Desktop PC.

The VAIO Tab 20 is a desktop computer that uses a 20″ touch display. Built into the system is a battery, which allows for the device to be portable. While the system is still pretty large and heavy to carry around outside, it’s just light enough to move around from room to room inside a house. This makes the VAIO Tab 20 a great computing solution for the home.

Shoppers looking for a new family desktop computer should take a look at the VAIO Tab 20. It’s a great device, especially for families that have kids, and it’s fun to use. Use it to organize data or have fun with it by playing games or watching movies on it.

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