Sony’s VAIO Tab 20 has been out on the market for several months now and for some, the system still holds a cloud of mystery around it. This is understandable, since the industry has never really seen anything like it. We’re all used to our desktop computers being confined to a table, reserving mobile computing for either the laptop or tablet. However, with mobile computing increasing in popularity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone would eventually come to implement mobility in desktop computing as well. As funny or intriguing as this whole concept may sound, there are certainly people who’ll be attracted to this device.

The all-in-one-tablet-hybrid-combo-device actually has a marketed purpose that could be golden for the right market. After completing some work with the Tap 20 tethered to a power point, you can simply unplug the hefty slate, pick it up and show your workmates or friends all the cool stuff you’ve been doing. Alternatively you could fold down the machine into tablet-mode, bring it from your study into your living room and enjoy some fun games with the family. Either way, the Tap 20 actually does have a specific type of user in mind.

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