What we are beginning to see in the computing world today is a shift to touch display enabled systems. Sony has introduced an updated VAIO T Series product line to accommodate to this trend, but outfitting now several different systems and form factors with touchscreens.

The VAIO T15 is an interesting new laptop. It’s actually an ultrabook, and what’s striking about it is its size and its optical drive. Because how many other ultrabooks do you see with 15″ displays and the inclusion of an optical disc drive. Not many if any.

Check out the VAIO T15 Touch ultrabook from Sony. You’ll be surprised at how well this system stacks up. Keep note that this machine does give you a full high-definition display and has been configured to be a mid-end performance mobile computing solution.

When stacked up against other touch-enabled ultrabooks, the Sony VAIO T15 Touch (SVT15112CXS) is an able, if not jaw dropping, system. It offers a healthy selection of features, from the hot-new-thing touch screen to the increasingly hard-to-find optical drive, and it adds a healthy serving of value with several premium programs and enticing service trials bundled with it. It doesn’t supplant the Editors’ Choice Asus Zenbook Prime Touch UX31A-BHI5T, but it makes a solid showing without a premium price.

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