For the past couple of years we’ve become familiar with the concept of ultrabooks. Designed to be mobile with thin and light form factors, these computing systems are perfect for the computer user that’s always out and about. They’re more powerful and have better battery performance than netbooks, which makes them superior machines to them. However, ultrabooks have up until now been restricted in several ways: their small size and their lack of an optical drive. Those design inadequacies have now been addressed by Sony in its new VAIO T Series machines. Sony now offers systems with both these features.

Ultrabooks are ultra slim, ultra lightweight, and known for their easy portability. As a result, most of them feature screens in the 11- to 13-inch range. Sony’s decided that it’s time for a change. At CES this year, the company announced two new Ultrabooks sporting 14- and 15.5-inch screens, the VAIO T series 14 and the VAIO T series 15. At that time, we heard they’d be available in the spring, but it looks like these VAIOs are early. Both Ultrabooks are available to order now.

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