Sony’s VAIO Pro and Duo are ultraportable computing solutions worth considering if audio/visual features are what you’re into. These systems have been enhanced by a handful of Sony proprietary technologies to to deliver an awesome computing experience.

Take for example, innovations found on Sony’s BRAVIA TVs. Have you heard of Triluminous display technology? If not, then you’ll soon be hearing more of it. The technology basically provides a wider spectrum of colors. Throw in Sony’s X-Reality engine, which sharpens images, and you’ve got a display that’s unmatched on the current market.

The quality of a good number of laptop speakers are for the most part mediocre. There’s not much to expect, considering how small and compact these machines have to be. However, with VAIO Pro ultrabooks, audio is tweaked with ClearAudio+ technology.

Both the Pro and Duo lines feature a wonderfully named “full HD Triluminous display” with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. The new screens make “colors purer and more distinct.” The technology goes with Sony’s X-Reality for mobile technology, which analyzes images and reproduces pixels that are missing. The devices also have Sony’s ClearAudio+ technology that lets you hear dynamic bass sounds with more clarity and less distortion.

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