There are some ultrabook convertible tablets but few have digitizer pens shipped with them. While this feature may not be a big issue for some, it could be for others, especially for those that prefer to write and draw on the tablet with a stylus pen.

Sony’s VAIO Duo 11 is one of the best Windows 8 convertible tablets out there. Not only does it have a digitizer pen available for users, it’s a solid device that’s been engineered well.

The digitizer layer and pen on the Sony Vaio Duo is excellent and really helped by having the most stable screen design possible. It’s locked into position and is stable enough to take full pressure on the pen without bouncing or tipping back. It’s great design for those wanting to use a pen. For those not wanting to use a pen you might be encouraged to try with the full HD screen as text and selection boxes tend to be smaller.

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