There’s an assortment of Windows 8 laptops coming out. Some have convertible Tablet PC functionality. For those that aren’t completely comfortable using touch displays for computing, consider the Sony VAIO Duo 11. This device incorporates a slide out keyboard that should be more than sufficient for the needs of traditional users.

The keyboard on the Sony VAIO Duo is quite unique. While it’s small and compact in form, the keyboard is still quite accommodating and responsive. There’s a built-in mouse sensor that sits in the middle of the keyboard. This mouse sensor acts as a touchpad. It kind of reminds me of the red dots found on ThinkPad laptops.

If you’re not comfortable with touch controls or would rather not lift your hands from the keyboard while typing, there’s also a touchstick controller nestled amid the B, G and H keys that you can use, along with three ersatz mouse buttons below the space bar. You can use these to right-, left- and middle-click just as you would with a more traditional input device.

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