It’s taken Sony a while, but there’s finally a decent ultrabook for consumers to get their hands on and that would be the VAIO T Series. We’ve seen other laptops, such as those found in the VAIO Z Series and maybe even to some extent those found in the VAIO S Series, but those haven’t been true ultrabooks. The VAIO Z Series is more of a performance laptop that also is ridiculously priced, and the VAIO S Series doesn’t have the Intel ULV processors running in them.

So how does the VAIO T Series compare with the other ultrabooks that are out? Do the build and performance stand out with say ultrabook models form Toshiba or Lenovo? In some areas there are certainly highlights to be impressed with and in others maybe not so much. Check out this general review on Sony VAIO T Ultrabooks. A snippet is pasted below.

A small, lightweight Ultrabook, the Sony Vaio T is barely noticeable in a messenger bag or backpack. The Vaio T shares a lot of the same design features as its more expensive brother, the Vaio Z; however, the T is aimed more at people who want premium styling without the major price hike that many premium designs command, nor have the need for a full-voltage processor (hence why the Vaio Z isn’t defined as an Ultrabook).

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