Over the past couple of years we’ve seen plenty of laptops and ultrabooks that have tried to dethrone Apple’s MacBook Air as the standard for ultraportable computing. Not many, if any have stood out, to being comparable until now. Based on performance specifications and budget, Sony’s VAIO Pro actually stacks up pretty well against a similarly configured MacBook Air. The showdown between these two systems can be fairly called a draw. There are areas where the Sony VAIO Pro definitely wins hands down, such as in the display department, but there are also areas where its lacking (not by much) when compared to the MacBook Air.

In the end, it comes down to preference, as cliche as that sounds. Because the differences are so marginal, it ultimately comes down to the choice of operating system, which is another unending debate in itself. Lisa Gade has an extremely interesting and thorough review, as well as a video documenting the different highlights found and compared for each machine.

Today we compare the first two fourth generation Intel Haswell Ultrabooks, both from respected makers who offer brand cachet, quality, style and a thin and light experience. On the one hand we have the machine that started it all: the MacBook Air. Before there were “Ultrabooks” (a name invented by Intel’s marketing department to help Windows machines cash in on the trend the Air started), there was the MacBook Air. At a hair under 3 pounds and thin enough to slip into a manila envelope, the MacBook Air captured imaginations and pocketbooks. In the other corner, we have Sony, who even before the MacBook Air, specialized in insanely thin and light machines that used exotic materials like carbon fiber and lightweight metals, and combined it with keen styling and understated elegance (Sony Vaio X, Sony Vaio Z and others). The newest result of Sony’s more than decade love affair with super thin and light laptops? The Sony Vaio Pro 13. For those of you who like to travel really small, both machines are also available in 11 inch versions.

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