Read this PCMag laptop review on the ThinkPad T431s if you’re looking for a mainstream business corporate laptop. It received an editor rating of “Good” and a 3 1/2 star mark out of 5 stars. The ThinkPad T431s has been redesigned and has received a handful of new updates. Find design features from both the environmentally-friendly ThinkPad L Series and the ultraportable ThinkPad X Series incorporated in the ThinkPad T Series. Check out the article below to get a full overview of what’s new.  Here’s a snippet of the article for you to preview.

Another feature that saves weight is the elimination of the optical drive option. DVD and CD technology is mostly dead at this point anyway, but if you still need optical drives, your IT manager can buy a few USB external drives, which still work fine on the T431s. The T431s also eliminates a legacy technology that will be missed: The T431s drops the removable battery in favor of a sealed battery. This will be a bother for the road warrior who has the discipline to keep several spare batteries handy at all times, but if your users mainly keep their laptops docked, then it won’t bother them. The T431s still has a standardized Lenovo docking port on the bottom for use with ThinkPad Series 3 docks.

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