Brian Westover at has reviewed a prebuilt Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop.  Specifically, he takes a look at model number SVZ13114GXX, which is a mid-tier 13.1″ premium ultrabook.  Brian gives the laptop a good rating and points out several good and bad points on the product.  He covers the design, features, performance and benchmark test results.  While most Sony VAIO Z Series Ultraportable Laptops are quite pricey, they are loaded on performance highlights and they feature a remarkable thin and light design.

The Sony VAIO Z13 (SVZ13114GXX) sets out to dominate the pricier end of the ultraportable category, and in some respects it does, with unbeaten processing power, featherweight carbon fiber construction, and great multimedia performance, along with the software tools to take advantage of it. If you want the best ultraportable available, this may well be it

The big takeaways are this.  Super light/thin and loaded on performance are the qualities that sell this ultraportable laptop.  The caveats are that it has poor battery life and is a bit pricey.