Many of us have seen near-field communication (NFC) technology at work.  Some of us may have credit cards that we can swipe at a store counter for payment.  Others might have a smartphone that they use to make purchases with through a similar action.

While NFC is becoming more prevalent because of its ease of use and convenience, will we see this technology expand into the laptop computing realm.  This might just become a reality soon.  At the Intel Developer’s Forum 2012, a Toshiba U925t was used in a demo to show how NFC technology could be incorporated into an ultrabook.  The demo seems pretty cool, with a purchase being made on TigerDirect using PayPass with a touch of a credit card on the ultrabook’s NFC reader.

If you’re interested in learning more about when or what products will be featuring NFC technology, check out Toshiba’s website or Google more about it.

According to Intel, the Toshiba U925t is the only Ultrabook to offer built-in NFC technology. However, this will change in the near future, as more Ultrabooks will start featuring the new tool.

More at IDF 2012: Toshiba Satellite U925T is First NFC-Enabled Ultrabook


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