Lenovo’s ThinkPad branded product lineup is getting redesigned. Consumers will see a modernized and enhanced look, as well as improved component specifications. A preview of what’s to come was given today in an announcement revealing a new ThinkPad T Series laptop and a new ThinkPad X Series laptops. Check out what else you can expect in the article below:

The ThinkPad T431s isn’t the first ultrabook in the T series — its predecessor, the T430s, took that distinction last year — but it builds on the consumer-oriented changes introduced in the excellent X1 Carbon, and it shows us numerous changes that we’ll likely see diffused across the rest of the ThinkPad line. The first change you’ll notice is that Lenovo has dared to change the color from pure black to “Graphite Black.” Don’t worry — it still has that soft-touch satin finish the ThinkPad line is known for. Lenovo has also meddled with the iconic ThinkPad keyboard: we’re told it’s physically the same as the chiclet one found on the X1 Carbon, but the function keys now default to media and Windows 8-specific actions (unless you enable the Fn lock key) and — thankfully — there’s an option for a backlit keyboard.

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