A slew of new laptops are slated to be available for purchase at the end of October. This coincides with the release of Windows 8. Many of these Sony computers and laptops will have touch functionality. From tablets, to laptops and to desktop computers, consumers will be be able to indulge in touch screen capability and computing.

Cnet has a good wrap up on some of the new Sony machines that will be coming out, along with individual detailed product reviews.

In general, we’ll be seeing a complete VAIO update that will include systems being outfitted with the next generation of Windows operating system.

Specifically, Sony will be debuting two new series: A Duo 11 Ultrabook Series and a Tap 20 Desktop Series. There will be a touchscreen VAIO T Series model as well as one for the E Series, and there will be a reintroduction to a new 17-inch VAIO E Series SKU. Now the VAIO E Series will include display sizes of 11.6″, 14″, 15.5″ and 17.3″

The time has come for each Windows PC manufacturer to announce its unusual and frequently convertible offerings for the launch of Windows 8 at the end of October. Sony’s announcement of new Vaio laptops and desktops puts a square focus on touch and multipurpose use, with two brand-new desktop and laptop products, the Vaio Tap 20 and the Vaio Duo 11, as the centerpieces.

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